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Residents Angry At Icy Council



With the icy conditions set to continue into next week, more mayhem on the roads seems inevitable, and Cobh residents are beginning to hit out at the lack of co-operation from the Cork and Cobh Councils. Cobh Edition has received numerous complaints about the condition of roads throughout the town. The general consensus is that the Councils could indeed be doing alot more to ease commuting in and around the town and especially on roads leading in and out of the town. Travelling to work n the early hours in these conditions alone is terrifying but eve more-so on roads that have not been gritted. We’re all aware that Councils only have a limited amount of resources and that not every road can be gritted and that, to a certain extent, can be appreciated, but residents have contacted us stating that roads near them haven’t been touched at all since this cold patch hit the town.

Some of the comments we have received are below and please feel to add your comment below. Note that all comment are Moderated before publication so you will not see your comment straight away.

I am originally from  rushbrooke and have been living in boston USA for the past 14 years!every xmas day my parents go to my uncles in belmont and the past couple have been great as the cumputer has been a way to see and talk to each other through SKYPE ! We had arranged to set this up around xmas ,either xmas day or before new years.This did not happen due to my mum and dad been to nervous to drive from rushbrooke into belmont because of the roads been so icy and not taking the chance!My kids were upset not seen them either!What is the county council doing back there!it is an absolute discrace that a country that prospered so well in the good times ,now seems to be back in the 19thcentury and cannot afford to put a couple of sand trucks or salt trucks on the road?the government of eire has a lot to answer to ! I know this is not just happening in cobh as eire is in a deep freeeze!

Bring back Haughey and Bertie they will solve the ice problem!

Thank you Mick F.    Boston USA

‘Our council is an utter joke’.  Mary

‘And to think that we, the Cobh People elected these people into office. Never again.’  Joanne

‘Do the council think it’s funny putting our lives and the lives of our children at risk expecting us to drive in these conditions?’ – Tom

‘the rds are bad again sick to death of it i was sliding out of rushbrooke manor’. Mary

‘balynoe hill was closed again last nite i’ve yet to see it gritted will they wait for a tagedy to act?’. Carmel
‘its the other side of the town that is a nightmare no gritting at all’. Margaret
‘Drove along the Tay Rod this morning. What a joke. Where are the council?. David
‘I live in Rushbrooke links and saw that the main road into the estate was grited, but have since learned that It was Cllr. John Mulvihill who did that by himself. Good man’. Andrew
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