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Body beauty is “everything” in our society. We’re caught up more on our body beauty than anything else. But in today’s inventive world why get any ordinary facial or go to any ordinary spa, when gold facials, wine spas and caviar shampoo can do so much more for you. Below are several of the most extravagant body beauty fixes to rejuvenate your body from head to toe. That is, if you can afford it.

1. Get a Facial Made of Gold

If you’ve ever had a facial you know how relaxing it can be and the end result is always softer smoother cleaner skin. At UMO America in Beverly Hills, California facials include 24-karats of gold. Yes, gold. Using gold for beauty is nothing new. It has been used this way for centuries. Unfortunately gold is not easy to use, as it must be dissolved first to easily spread across the skin. To do this, Umo America uses innovative Japanese technology called Gamma PGA/Nano Mist technology. Gamma PGA (Pure Natural Hydration) is more elastic than collagen and more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid. Gamma PGA comes from a Japanese soybean health food called Natto Gum. Natto Gum has no preservatives and is 100% natural. Nano Mist has an ionic charge that penetrates the skin deeply and with it the 24-karats of gold and the Gamma PGA also penetrates the skin. After two Nano Mist treatments are applied to your face the gold is then gently massaged into your skin until it completely disappears leaving your face with a nice golden glow. No pun intended.

2. Get a Massage with Diamonds…Hot Rocks Indeed

Diamonds are not just used for jewelry and fancy purses any more. Diamonds have become a girl’s best massage accessory too. Hearts on Fire, known for its perfectly cut diamonds, has joined with Spa on Location (a mobile spa that makes house calls) in Santa Monica California to bring “Dream Girl” Diamond Massage to you. Then $1 million worth in loose diamonds are placed along your spine as a massage therapist gently massages your back. Not surprisingly, it’s a popular luxury among Hollywood stars and the well-to-do. Via People.

3. Take a Bath in Beer

A beer spa is a place I don’t suggest taking a recovering alcoholic to (not exactly something AA would approve of), but a social drinker may get a kick out of relaxing in a bathtub full of beer. The beer bath takes place in the cellar of a family owned brewery in the Czech Republic called Chodovar . The cellars include seven huge baths inspired by Victorian design. The beer spa treatment at Chodovar includes a 20-minute beer bath, a 25-minute bed rest, covered in a fleece quilt, in a dim lit room and finally a 30-50 minutes massage. Dark Bathing Beer is the major bath ingredient. The bath is also enriched by a batch of active beer yeast and a mixture of dehydrated crushed herbs. The beer yeast provides the skin with a wide range of vitamins, proteins and saccharides (another term for sugar). This softens and regenerates the skin. Sipping a glass of non-pasteurized Rock Lager is encouraged by the Chodovar. Via The New York Times.

4. Dip Yourself in Fountains of Wine

If you prefer wine over beer consider a wine bath instead. The Kenwood Inn & Spa , the first Vinotherapie center in the United States, has the latest scientific discoveries involving the vine and grape seed extracts to keep you young. Grape seeds are rich in the antioxidant polyphenol which slows the aging of the skin. Kenwood ingredient treatments consist of grape and red vine extracts as well as organic essential oils. The treatments are administered in a barrel bath cabin and patio that look out over the vineyards. Unlike the beer bath you don’t soak in wine, but instead bubbling water with finely crushed grapes extracts and organic oils. Have a Crushed Cabernet Scrub before the bath. Then get wrapped up in honey and wine wrap or get “stoned” with warm stones from ancient riverbeds and sauvignon massage oils after the bath.

5. Wash Your Hair with Fishy Caviar

Your hair with regular shampoos just doesn’t cut it anymore either. For shiny hair today you need truffles and caviar. Most people can’t even afford to eat these delicacies, but in a beauty salon called Hari’s in South Kensington, London fish eggs, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, are flown in from Iran just a few days before your appointment. Your hair is washed first with a truffle-based shampoo. Then caviar is smeared on, combed through and left to set. The fish eggs are liquefied prior to use to eliminate that fishy odor. Crackers anyone?

6. Pedicures made of Rare Edibles

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle mix should be going to your tummy not your feet, but someone at the Aroma-Listic Day Spa and Salon in Agoura Hills, California decided it would be a good thing to indulge your feet in it instead. This yummy 60-minute pedicure is preceded by a 70 minute White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle body treatment. Aroma-Listic calls this type of treatment “Dessert without Calories!” but I call it taunting and I’d suggest not going there hungry. Then again, they do provide you with a complimentary signature Cranberry Spritzer and delicious snacks as you sit and let them pamper your feet.

So what’s the cost of beauty? However much you are willing to pay for it. How much do you need eatable pedicures, wine baths and diamond massages? You be the judge. Once upon a time Cleopatra use to bathe in milk and honey then slept in masks made out of gold. Centuries later she is still known for her beauty and her power. Maybe there’s something to that.

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