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Cobh Girl and former Miss Universe Ireland, Cailín Ní Toibín on ‘Why she loves…. the Maldives’



The Maldives are picture perfect and the epitome of paradise. The pristine Indian ocean island boasts the whitest most sandy beaches that I have ever seen, with turquoise waters that blend into the skyline seamlessly. With a range of activities to choose from not to mention the beautiful surroundings, it’s a dream destination to visit!

My name is Cailín Áine and I’m one of the 16,000 cabin crew working for Emirates airline and one of many Irish crew flying the Irish flag at 30,000ft. Cobh, Co.Cork in Ireland, is my hometown, but I now live in Dubai, where all Emirates cabin crew are based and although I adore flying home to reconnect with the green landscape of Ireland, my layover of choice for a relaxing getaway where you get to recharge the batteries with friends is the Maldives. It’s still surreal to be able to travel to such beautiful places with such ease, but concessional flights are one of the most rewarding perks of working with Emirates.

Why the Maldives?

The Maldives is made up of 1,900 islands in 26 atolls spread over about 90,000 square kilometres. Only around 200 islands are inhabited,andthe island is known for its unique one-island-one- resort concept, meaning that there is only one hotel located on each island. Traditionally more of a honeymoon destination, but thanks to a huge surge in travel from the Middle East and Asia, holidays for groups of friends travelling to the islands have become more accessible in recent years and have fast removed the honeymoon stereotype associated with the exotic location.  

The Maldives is a fabulous destination for a ‘girls only’ holiday where you can let your hair down and completely relax with the people who know you the best. The white sandy beaches, relaxing by the pool, and the wonderful spa facilities all make for the perfect girls’ holiday. Afterall, who could say no to lying on a hammock in the middle of the Indian Ocean? If you wanted a change of scenery from the beach, you could always relax in your water villa, work on your tan, or go for a snorkel.

The Maldives, for adventure seekers

If you’re a fan of an adventure filled holiday, the Maldives is also the perfect location to go exploring! Home to some of the most beautiful seas and natural landscapes, you’ll find something for every type of explorer here.


Why not go on a thrilling expedition and explore the endless exotic marine life that resides in the Indian Ocean surrounding the Maldives? The clear blue waters and variable colours of the fishes swimming beside you make for a breath-taking experience that snorkelling enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on. The best time of the year for this experience is between January and April, so now is a great time to book.

Scuba diving

If you’d like to explore the beautiful azure waters even further the Maldives is one of the prime scuba diving destinations in the world. You’ll be intrigued by the beautiful underwater world surrounding the island and enjoy an exceptional diving adventure

Natural attractions  

For those adventurers who are fans of hiking and nature walks, the Maldives has plenty to offer. Addu nature park located on the southernmost atoll in the Maldives atoll chain is home to unique flora and fauna. On foot, you can visit the recently built birdwatching platforms to observe flocks of native and migratory birds. Between the two southern atolls of Addu and Huvadhu is Fuvahmulah. The Island is unique due to its volcanic origin, and it is where you’ll find a host of tropical forests with papaya and mango plantations.

Getting there You can fly to the Maldives with Emirates, with the choice of two flights daily, seven days a week from Dublin Airport, with a stopover in Dubai before touching down in the small capital island of Malé, where your dream holiday begins. Return Economy Class flights start from €944 with lots more information available on

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