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‘The Journey’ Art Exhibition by Cobh woman Mairead Geary opens 2nd December



If you look at my walls, soiled with variety of stains, or stones with variegated patterns, when you have to invent some location, you will therein be able to see a resemblance to various landscapes graced with mountain, rivers, rocks, rocks, trees, plains, great valleys and hills, in many combinations” …………..  Leonardo da Vinci

I create my paintings using acrylic paint, oil pastels and ink on gessoed board, with tile adhesive and paper. These materials allow me to build up and scrape away layers as the work develops, creating textural and tonal variations and a sense of both depth and surface activity in the final work.

Natural landscapes and forms are the inspiration for all my painting. I take photographs of objects and scenes – rock faces, valleys, ravines, cliffs and caves for instance, where I find strata, layers, textures, and dramatic masses of dark and light working against each other, and develop the compositions of my wok from them.

My process tends to be somewhat intuitive.  I am drawn, for example, to the sort of spontaneity, innocence and honesty associated with outside art, as well as to its rebelliousness.  I see my process as one of on going negotiation with my materials, constantly resolving conflicts and tensions through the layering of colours and textural elements.

In my life, I respond very strongly to the visual drama of nature, and through my painting I aim to convey a sense of this drama and its effect on me, and to evoke a similar response in the viewer.


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