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Excitement draws closer as Italian Film soon to be celebrated in Cork



For the first time in 30 years Italy’s filmmaking tradition will be celebrated in Cork and Dublin

Italian culture will soon be woven into the fabric of Cork city, as the N.I.C.E Italian Film Festival will be taking place in the heart of the city next week. For the first time in the Festival’s 30 year history the Italian Film Festival will take place in Ireland. As Ireland is home to a large Italian community, the New Italian Cinema Events (N.I.C.E) will be a perfect depiction of celebrating Italian culture, and what is not to love about that. 

A preview of the festival in Dublin on 18th May is already sold-out. 

Italy is certainly considered masters in art cinema, and finally, their wealth of films are to be seen by all from the 18th to the 22nd of May. There will be eight films on show for the festival in Cork that culminate in a range of hot topic themes pertinent in today’s society. 

The magic of this Italian Film Festival will open on the 18th of May in Dublin for a double preview launch at UCD Cinema and Cineworld before moving to the Gate Cinema in Cork from 19th May to 22nd May. The opening night film ‘Perfect Strangers’, by Paolo Genovese, has been remade in more than 20 countries, and will be shown in Dublin before moving to the Gate Cinema in Cork. 

Other films to be premiered will include  “Ennio” by Giuseppe Tornatore exploring the life of Maestro Ennio Morricone, and some of the best first works of talented Italian and international young directors. Further themes that will be explored, which are also predominantly current in the social difficulties of today’s society, is the issue of migration. Political thriller “Europe” by Haidir Rashid looks at a young Iraqi named Kamal who is searching for freedom as he tries to enter Europe by foot, in hope to make it past the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

Tickets are available from the Gate cinema, as the full line-up is set to include on;

  • May 19th: “Perfect Strangers”, at 7pm
  • May 20th: “Calcinculo/Swing Ride”, 6pm and “A Girl Returned/ L’Arminuta”, 8.15pm
  • May 21st: “Europe/Europa”, 6pm and “Futura”, 8.15pm
  • May 22nd: “The Tale of King Crab/ Re Granchio”, 2.30pm, “The Great Silence”, 5pm and “Ennio”, 7.30pm

N.I.C.E Festival Artistic Director, Viviana Del Bianco said: “The 2022 edition is particularly important thanks to the significant and increasingly strong collaboration with local authorities and institutions, the MiC-Ministry of Culture, the Tuscany Region, and the City of Florence. The Festival is a tribute to the tradition that looks to the future, and that has always celebrated the commitment to innovation and diversity.” 

Italian Institute of Culture Director, Marco Gioacchini said: “My knowledge and enjoyment of the first in a long series of N.I.C.E. Festivals in the world began in 2010 when I had the opportunity to view a vast number of great movies, premiers and works by acclaimed directors, masterfully selected and capably organised by Viviana Del Bianco and her team. Today, twelve years on, I am delighted and honoured to launch the very first N.I.C.E. Italian Film Festival Ireland in Cork, with a preview in Dublin.”

There are many people and institutions involved in the Festival such as the Florence N.I.C.E., the Gate Cinema in Cork, Cineworld in Dublin, University College Cork, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and the staff of the Italian Institute of Culture.

For more information please see WWW.NICEFESTIVAL.ORG

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