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UPDATED Port of Cork Cruise Schedule 2022



Photo Mike Bardsley & Cobh Edition

PLEASE NOTE: Schedule subject to change. For most recent updates please visit

April 2022
MSC MAGNIFICA3013Apr 19th at 13:30Cobh Cruise TerminalApr 19th at 20:00
May 2022
EMERALD PRINCESS3782May 4th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 4th at 19:00
NORWEGIAN GETAWAY4028May 5th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 5th at 17:00
VOLENDAM1839May 6th at 09:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 6th at 19:00
AMBIENCE2043May 8th at 10:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 8th at 19:00
SATOSHI2043May 8th at 10:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 8th at 19:00
MSC MAGNIFICA3013May 10th at 13:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 10th at 20:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782May 11th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 11th at 19:00
JEWEL OF THE SEAS2100May 15th at 04:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 15th at 18:00
NORWEGIAN DAWN3000May 16th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 16th at 19:00
NORWEGIAN DAWN3000May 16th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 16th at 19:00
CELEBRITY APEX3200May 18th at 04:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 18th at 18:00
CELEBRITY APEX3200May 18th at 04:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 18th at 18:00
SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE999May 19th at 05:00 May 19th at 17:00
JEWEL OF THE SEAS2100May 22nd at 05:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 22nd at 18:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782May 23rd at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 23rd at 19:00
SEVEN SEAS SPLENDOR754May 31st at 05:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 31st at 16:00
June 2022
NORWEGIAN DAWN3000Jun 1st at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 1st at 17:00
AMBIENCE2043Jun 3rd at 10:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 3rd at 19:00
AMADEA604Jun 4th at 06:30Ringaskiddy DWBJun 4th at 20:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782Jun 4th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 4th at 19:00
NORWEGIAN DAWN3000Jun 5th at 09:30 Jun 5th at 19:00
JEWEL OF THE SEAS2100Jun 6th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 6th at 16:00
NORWEGIAN STAR3000Jun 10th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 10th at 18:00
ISLAND PRINCESS2259Jun 11th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 11th at 18:00
CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE2886Jun 13th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 13th at 18:30
JEWEL OF THE SEAS2100Jun 16th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 16th at 18:00
CELEBRITY APEX3200Jun 17th at 07:00Ringaskiddy DWBJun 17th at 16:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782Jun 17th at 07:30 Jun 17th at 19:00
WORLD NAVIGATOR200Jun 21st at 04:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 21st at 19:00
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER154Jun 21st at 06:00South JettiesJun 21st at 22:00
SEVEN SEAS VOYAGER769Jun 25th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 25th at 20:00
SIRENA824Jun 27th at 05:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 27th at 22:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782Jun 28th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 28th at 19:00
CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE2886Jun 30th at 05:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 30th at 18:00
July 2022
SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE999Jul 2nd at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 2nd at 17:00
SIRENA824Jul 6th at 09:30Ringaskiddy DWBJul 6th at 20:00
CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE2886Jul 7th at 05:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 7th at 18:00
SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE999Jul 10th at 05:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 10th at 17:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782Jul 11th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 11th at 19:00
JEWEL OF THE SEAS2100Jul 12th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 12th at 16:00
CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE2886Jul 14th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 14th at 17:30
SIRENA824Jul 15th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 15th at 19:00
SATOSHI2043Jul 19th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 19th at 18:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782Jul 22nd at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 22nd at 19:00
AZAMARA PURSUIT777Jul 29th at 05:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 29th at 18:00
ISLAND PRINCESS2259Jul 31st at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 31st at 20:00
August 2022
AMERA913Aug 1st at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 1st at 18:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782Aug 3rd at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 3rd at 19:00
BOLETTE1772Aug 10th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 10th at 18:00
CELEBRITY APEX3200Aug 11th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 11th at 16:00
NORWEGIAN STAR3000Aug 12th at 05:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 12th at 14:00
ISLAND PRINCESS2259Aug 14th at 05:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 14th at 17:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782Aug 15th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 16th at 14:00
AMBIENCE2043Aug 16th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 16th at 22:30
JEWEL OF THE SEAS2100Aug 17th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 17th at 16:00
CARNIVAL PRIDE2680Aug 19th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 19th at 19:00
VASCO DA GAMA1625Aug 19th at 07:30Ringaskiddy DWBAug 19th at 17:00
BOREALIS1825Aug 25th at 09:30 Aug 25th at 17:00
JEWEL OF THE SEAS2100Aug 26th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 26th at 17:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782Aug 27th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 27th at 19:00
AMADEA604Aug 27th at 10:30Ringaskiddy DWBAug 27th at 18:00
AZAMARA QUEST702Aug 28th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 28th at 22:00
COSTA FORTUNA3470Aug 30th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 30th at 17:00
CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE2886Aug 31st at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 31st at 17:30
September 2022
CELEBRITY APEX3200Sep 5th at 05:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 6th at 17:00
ENCHANTED PRINCESS3660Sep 7th at 07:30Ringaskiddy DWBSep 7th at 19:00
NORWEGIAN DAWN3000Sep 7th at 09:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 7th at 19:00
SATOSHI2043Sep 8th at 10:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 8th at 19:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782Sep 9th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 9th at 19:00
THE WORLD1042Sep 12th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 13th at 23:00
BALMORAL1240Sep 14th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 24th at 18:00
COSTA FAVOLOSA3800Sep 15th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 15th at 17:00
SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE999Sep 16th at 05:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 16th at 17:00
EMERALD PRINCESS3782Sep 20th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 20th at 19:00
SEABOURN OVATION638Sep 21st at 05:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 21st at 17:00
NORWEGIAN DAWN3000Sep 22nd at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 22nd at 17:00
NORWEGIAN DAWN3000Sep 27th at 09:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 27th at 19:00
MSC VIRTUOSA6334Sep 29th at 05:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 29th at 17:00
BOREALIS1825Sep 29th at 09:30Ringaskiddy DWBSep 29th at 14:30
October 2022
VIKING POLARIS378Oct 2nd at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalOct 3rd at 18:00
MARINA-1258Oct 3rd at 06:30Ringaskiddy DWBOct 3rd at 18:00
NORWEGIAN DAWN3000Oct 13th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalOct 13th at 17:00
BOREALIS1825Oct 18th at 06:30Cobh Cruise TerminalOct 18th at 17:00
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