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Updated Charges at Cork County Civic Amenity Sites



Following a rise in the cost of waste disposal, Cork County Council has confirmed a revised fee structure at Cork County Civic Amenity Sites from 1st March 2021, in order to continue their effective operation.

Civic Amenity Sites accept a large range of materials and provide facilities for the recycling, recovery or disposal of wastes that are not collected by kerbside service providers, whether because of the nature of the waste or due to a lack of service on some rural routes.

Cork County Council operates an extensive network of 11 Civic Amenity Sites & 121 Bring Sites for community waste recycling across the county, providing a service to all users over and above the net cost of waste recycling.

The new charges, implemented to ensure continuity of this essential service, will include a €1 increase in the entry charge for vehicles/pedestrians. For full details on revised fees for specific waste categories and information on your local Civic Amenity Sites, view Cork County Council’s Civic Amenity Sites Waste and Recycling Brochure.

Cork County Council’s Civic Amenity Sites and Bring Sites continue to operate during Level 5 restrictions. The Council is currently in the process of rolling out contactless payment options at all Civic Amenity Sites, with Youghal the first site to implement the new system. Macroom and Raffeen sites are due to offer the service over the coming weeks, with all remaining facilities due to be included within four months.

Cork County Council’s Environment Awareness Office has tips on waste prevention and waste reduction and are available on Facebook @corkcocoenviro.

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