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Damian McCarthy, Director of “Caveat”, opening night film of IndieCork Festival. phot. Marcin Lewandowski | @soundofphotography, opening night film of IndieCork Festival and MIck Hannigan, Co-Director of IndieCork Film Festival photographed in the projection room behind screen 1 of Gate Cinemas Cork. phot. Marcin Lewandowski | @soundofphotography

World premiere to open festival which features a host of Cork talent 

The IndieCork 2020 Festival has been officially launched, and this year’s festival will take place both in cinema theatres and online. IndieCork has always championed the independent, the innovative and the emerging filmmakers and this year sees several key talents participate at the festival. 

The festival will run from 4th to 11th of October across Cork. There is a particularly strong programme for IndieCork this year, with screenings taking place at screens in The Gate Cinema in addition to online screenings. The main festival sponsor is Blacknight Solutions. 

Festival Chairperson, Dr. Eileen Hogan said: “Given the current situation, with many arts events and performances cancelled, we’re truly delighted that IndieCork can operate in the very safe space of the Gate Cinema. We have a particularly strong programme and look forward to welcoming the public back for some much needed entertainment.”

In addition to physical screenings at the Gate Cinema, IndieCork has also announced a new online platform, where film fans can enjoy the festival. IndieCork Online is made possible through the support of Blacknight Solutions, the Carlow-based web hosting company, who enter their fifth year of sponsoring IndieCork. 

Mick Hannigan, Co-Director of IndieCork said: “This year we felt the festival required an online presence to guarantee delivery and give additional opportunities for people to participate and enjoy. We are truly grateful that once again Blacknight is supporting IndieCork and in this very crucial way, enabling our festival provide new opportunities for filmmakers and film fans.”

The Opening Night film has been announced and is the much awaited feature debut by award-winning director, Damian McCarthy, who is a graduate of St. Johns College. 

Caveat features a host of Cork filmmaking talent, both in front of and behind the camera, while remaining a very international production. The film is set on a remote island and much of the shooting took place around County Cork. 

Director Damien MacCarthy said: “I’d made a number of short horror films that had done well on the festival circuit so was curious to see if I could make something that would hold an audience’s attention for 90 minutes, but remain in the same vein as my short films; stories told with little to no dialogue, that relied more on suspense than violence and gore. A great reward for any horror filmmaker is the sound of nervous laughter from an audience watching their film. It’s something I had experienced many times at film festivals with my short films so wanted to see if I could get that response with a feature.” 

Commenting on the programme, Co-Director Úna Feely said: “We’re really thrilled to open the festival with the premiere of such a strong feature film. Damian McCarthy has been a talent to watch for years, and his feature debut fulfills all the promise of his early short films. IndieCork has always been strong on supporting local and Irish talent, but this year it’s really important that we fly that flag. Right throughout our programme, we’re showcasing Irish directors who deserve the IndieCork platform. Internationally too, there’s a very rich mix. We hope that people can support the festival and the filmmakers both in person at The Gate Cinema, and on our new online platform.”

The opening night film of IndieCork Festival Caveat by Damian McCarthy takes place on Sunday October 4th at 8.30pm in The Gate Cinema and tickets are now on sale at:

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