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2019/20 Cork Schoolboys League Null & Void



Photo: Martin O’Leary/Cobh Edition

Cork Schoolboys League have declared this season null and void, and the season is over for 2019/2020

See full statement below.
The statement issued by the SFAI this afternoon confirming the earliest resumption of football as the weekend of Sept 5/6, again subject to compliance with government agencies recommendations, has effectively put any chance of us finishing the season 2019/20 to an end.

As possible starting dates were coming out from statements issued by the FAI we had prepared a full fixture list from June 20 to finish the season by August 23 initially, which was then redone to start on July 20 to finish on Sept 27. However the new date of Sept 5/6 will now make it impossible to finish the season in any reasonable time because we will not have the benefit of the use of night fixtures.

Therefore we are left with no option but to now call the current season 2019/20 null and void.

We will issue a further statement regarding registration for the new season and how we propose to create tables etc for same tomorrow night.

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