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Pumping Iron for Ring of Cork Tourism – Ironman Ireland (Cork) Course Director John Innes, Stephanie Lynch, with Elga Ryan, Ring of Cork / SECAD at the Standing out and Staying Ahead Tourism seminar, which saw the launch of the new Ring of Cork scenic video series for East Cork, Cork Harbour and Greater Cork region. Pic Darragh Kane

Ring of Cork Wraps Up A Successful Year with Tourism Seminar and AGM

Cork, 11 December 2018: Supporting tourism businesses in Cork, the Ring of Cork has delivered an unprecedented number of training courses, networking information events and briefings in 2018, with a view to attracting and retaining tourists in the East Cork, Cork Harbour and Greater Cork region. As part of this mission, a new Ring of Cork Scenic Video Series was launched this week at the Oriel House Hotel in Ballincollig, Cork.

Speaking at the ‘Standing Out & Staying Ahead” Tourism Seminar and AGM, Ring of Cork Programme Manager Elga Ryan said, “Through Ring of Cork, we have directly supported the tourism sector in this region, through innovative and market-led events, training and initiatives, from “Getting China Ready” to bespoke digital media and online training. In October we launched the first ever Ring of Cork Travel Series, which featured 10 engaging episodes of the region. These we launched on social media. We are now launching a new Ring of Cork Scenic video series for use by our members to promote the Ring of Cork. These videos travel virally far and wide, and attract interest from potential visitors to Ireland through online and social media.”

Ring of Cork members include close to 100 of Cork’s best tourism activities, attractions, restaurants, bars and accommodation providers in the East Cork and Cork Harbour region. . The new scenic video series designed specifically for social media, includes stunning visuals of Cork Harbour, East Cork & the Greater Cork Area and are available for use by all. These videos are free content that every business in Cork can use, share with the purpose to attract even more national and international visitors to the area in 2019.

Stephanie Lynch CEO of, and co-creator of the video series said “The Ring of Cork video series is about creating content that people can engage with and relate to – it brings people on an adventure with us around South and East Cork and gives them a taste of the experience before they try it for themselves. The more creative you are with your content, the more successful it will be. It’s about always being a step ahead and creating engaging content which is why we believe the Ring of Cork video series are so vital in the social media world. I was delighted to work on such an exciting and successful campaign”.

The scenic video series will be able to view and share from and Ring of Cork on Facebook and Instagram

Also speaking at the Tourism Seminar, Ironman Ireland (Cork) Course Director John Innes explained how businesses can make their services appeal more to triathlon and ironman competitors and spectators attending the event in Youghal and East Cork . From Ironman friendly meals and nutrition to bicycle storage, cycle ways and parking areas and other hospitality options that consider the needs of this target market. Events like Seafest, Agricultural Shows, Music concerts and other festivals throughout the year provide a huge boost to the local economy and the Ironman event will be a welcome addition in 2019..

Following the Ring of Cork training seminar, the AGM was held and plans for supporting the tourism sector of the region in 2019 were discussed. For more information on joining Ring of Cork, visit

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