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Cobh Tidy Towns Summer Work



Its been a busy few weeks for Tidy Towns getting ready for the busy Summer season and judging for National Tidy Towns which is undertaken unannounced during the summer months. Painting projects include the ocean blue and white wall at the Rock, the brilliant white at Hartnetts garage, red dog bins, brown benches at Kennedy Pier Cambers and black town bollards.

Residents at Roches Row have been busy painting their white wall while residents at the East end of town have been whitewashing the long white wall on Connolly Street. At Rushbrooke Links some residents are working on an area enhancement project at the Zig Zag path including a lovely Bug Hotel. Well done to all. Thank you to the businesses for maintaining their shop fronts so well and nurturing flowers adorning their premises.

Thank you to members of the public who continue to Pick One Piece of litter and bin it while out on their walks around Cobh. Every bit helps. Our pollinator friendly sites at the Black Railings, Titanic Garden, Colaiste Muire Pitch, Water tower strip, Cobh Golf Club bank amongst others are being kept under watchful eye for buzzing activity to encourage wildlife.

Our 2018 Committee was elected at the recent AGM and all officers were re elected – Chairperson Ruth Ring, Secretary – Ken Curtin, Treasurer- Hendrick Verwey, Biodiversity – Anna Aherne , Sustainabilty – Moggy Sommers. Feel free to join us on Saturdays at 10am at the Whitepoint Playground or Wednesdays at 7pm at the Promenade.

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