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Cobh Gardai Supporting Safer Communities Campaign 19th – 25th September 2017



Crime and the fear of crime are a significant concern for all people. Burglary, by it’s very nature, is invasive and can often leave people feeling violated. It’s prevention, therefore is a high priority for An Garda Siochana. Most persistent criminals rely on opportunity, poor security awareness and an attractive commodity or valuable as the prime motive for committing crime. These three core factors will have a major bearing on whether you become their next victim. A great number of crimes are reported to the Gardai that need not happen. A wide range of preventative advice is freely available on our web-site to assist the public in preventing the most commonly committed crimes. FREE crime prevention books are also available from the public office at Cobh Garda Station. Better vigilance and adopting the security advice that is offered will help to reduce criminal activity.

Burglary victims are often left feeling vulnerable and in many instances, the transgression caused by the invasive nature of burglar is much more painful than the theft or loss of personal property.

Read the following carefully:

Common Characteristics:
– Almost 55% of all homes are entered by breaking the glass in a door or window
– Approximately 25% of burglaries committed are committed by thieves entering an unsecured is unlocked property
– A large number of burglaries, excess of 60% in some areas, are committed Post Noon.
– Some houses are targeted because the occupants may have desirable cars and their keys are needed to steal them

What kind of dwelling is most prone to burglary?

– Houses because of their location. For example those that may back onto a railway line, open space, pedestrian walkway, and end of road unit.
– House that allows limited natural surveillance by other people- shrubbery, tress overgrown etc
– Houses that lack any visible security devices- e.g. no alarm, insufficient lighting, poor window or door locks.
– Housing design that can assist easy entry- sliding patio doors, side entry doors, poor window and door construction.

How does the thief identify a burglary opportunity?

– The burglar is an opportunist. He sees poor security and takes his chances.
– Lack of natural surveillance.
– Obvious signs the occupant is away- may call looking for directions, milk still outside, letters visible from front door
– Car space vacant
– Death list in papers, watches occupant leaving/collecting children to/from school.
– Research has shown that if a burglar is deterred for 3 or more minutes he will seek his opportunity elsewhere. Good physical security should be apparent.

What measures can you take to protect your home?

– Carry out a security check of your home to review all aspects of the physical security. Security checklist- Garda website, Look at the following areas:
– Is your garden shed securely locked? They are commonly the source of implements for the burglar.
– Is the lighting around the exterior shell of your home adequate? Thieves do not wish to be seen.
– Are your front/rear doors of sufficient strength? Glass panels should be avoided. Patio doors should be fitted with anti lift devices.
– Mention benefits of laminating glazing- multi point locking systems. Window Security performance as specified BS 7950/97
– Don’t advertise your absence- Inform a trusted neighbour if you intend vacating your home for any lengthy period. Ask them to collect your mail/deliveries so that it will not be evidence of unoccupancy to casual callers. Ask them to draw curtains at night time- switch on lighting etc. Invite them to use driveway for parking. Disconnect your bell from power source if house is vacant for long periods.
– If you have gates (front/side), close them – don’t invite unsolicited intrusion.
– Allow for maximum natural surveillance of your premises by neighbours and passers by. If you have overgrown trees or shrubbery cut them back.
– Never leave access keys under mats, plant pots etc. They will be found.
– Fit front door viewer door and door chain.
– Items of value (jewellery/antiques) should be photographed.
– Items such as bicycles should be photographed and the serial number recorded.

I hope that the above information will help you to make your home safer. Please contact Cobh Garda Station and make a vacant premises report if your house will be vacant for a period of time. We will do our best to monitor your home while you are away. Also please report any suspicious activity that you may notice. Try and obtain descriptions of any suspicious persons or vehicle registration
numbers. An information received will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. GARDA CONFIDENTIAL NUMBER 1800-666111 – COBH GARDA STATION 021-4908530

Thank You
Cobh Gardai

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