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Animal Rescue Cobh ‘Close It’s Doors’ as cannot meet mounting bills. CAN YOU HELP?




After an emergency meeting tonight we have had to come to the pained decision to close our doors for the foreseeable future, until we can get the bills down to a manageable level. We owe over €12,000 now and we are too small to survive this. We are literally drowning. The bills don’t be long adding up when you see the amount of sick cats and kittens we care for or the litters of pups we have had to take in… anyone with pets know the vets bills for just one animal. So you can imagine the totals we are facing. It’s a cause for sleepless nights.

We have had a few set backs in our fundraising lately which has really knocked the wind out of our sails. We had to cancel our annual Midleton collection due to the storm, and our previous 2 fundraisers had a very poor turnout. This means that bills are at an all time high and morale has sunk to an all time low.

Our phone will be switched off, and checked only for adoption queries. We ask people to try to find alternative means of help (all rescues are at crisis point we know) or try to help the animal yourselves. In an emergency, please take action and bring the animal to the nearest vet. If you find an animal, try to find the owners – Facebook is a very powerful tool in times like this. If everyone took a small bit of action, the load would be lightened for all rescues and the world would be a better place for animals.. and humans alike.

So we head into the Christmas Season with a passionate Plan of Action… which involves lots of singing and shaking buckets for any spare change people have. If you can help us please, please join us for our carol singing days/evenings and bring your dogs! We need to group together and get through this.. so if you can spare the time we are meeting:

Wednesday 9th December at 6pm – 9pm at Brown Thomas, Cork City

Sunday 13th December at 2pm – 6pm also at Brown Thomas, Cork City.

We will also be asking people to give someone the gift of being an ‘ARC Angel’ this Christmas which will be a very meaningful gift for your animal loving friends! (Further details to follow)

Or if you would like to make a direct donation you can do so through the following means:

1. Donate Button / App on our page or donate through our Paypal account:

2. Direct to our bank account:
AIB, 4 West Beach Cobh
A/C Number: 12926072
Sort Code: 934062

3. Direct to our vets (please pm us for the details)
Thanks for taking the time to read this. It’s not an easy post to write. Please help us to help the animals. Please share this post and help us raise the funds to keep ARC afloat. Thank you x

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