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Cobh Tidy Towns

Cobh Tidy Towns Keep on cleaning.



tidytowns600x4001And we’re off! Judging can be any day now so our Wednesday evening work nights have started again. Thanks to our super volunteers who came out and swept under all the benches along by Kennedy pier as well as the 2 main squares. We began the annual task of painting the bollards, railings and power boxes in town. If you’re any good with a paint brush or wire brush we would welcome you to help us get this job done. There seems to be a noticeable amount of water bottles and cans lying at the side of all roads around Cobh. Naturally we would prefer if these weren’t chucked on the ground but please if you see one don’t walk past it -pick it up and place it in the nearest bin. Even this helps us hugely. From 7am to 3.30pm on Saturday,3 of our volunteers ,Hendrick, Jim and Ursula went around Cobh with the road sweeper which we hired for the day to clean the many road edges in need of attention.

Thanks to them for giving up their day. Other volunteers swept from the Heritage centre up to the squares and the Old Street. The Burma steps and Whitepoint Beach were cleaned of bottles and cans. Can the bush drinkers please show us some respect and put your bottles/ cans back in the bags and boxes you carry them from the off licences/ shops?? DON’T forget STEPS TO SUCCESS next WEDNESDAY 7.30pm in the COBH PARISH CENTRE.Our Tidy Districts judge, Terry O’Regan will present The Steps to Success .Admission is free but to book a place please contact Hendrick Verwey on 087 2593850.

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