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How To Damage Your Car – Drive The Tay Road



For several weeks now there have been road works taking place on the Tay Road, which is grand, however, this is an extremely busy road and a good portion of the left side heading towards Cow Cross is not one bit safe to drive. Cobh Edition has been contacted by several people about the state of the road, with one woman telling us that her windscreen must be replaced after being badly cracked by a flying stone from another vehicle, and that tyres now also need to be changed due to damage caused by the road itself.

What’s been noticed is that cars travelling on the road-worked side are actually moving over into the on coming traffic lane to avoid car damage, and with the speed that some cars travel on the Tay Road, coupled with the bends, such actions are only an accident waiting to happen.

We are currently awaiting more information from the authorities on the current situation.



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