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Memorandum of Understanding



mapApril 2012 sees the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic. With this in mind, Southampton City Council commenced a process in 2005 of working together with all of the towns and cities, including Cobh, which are linked to this tragedy.

Following initial discussions between officials and members of the Councils in Southampton, Cobh, Liverpool, Belfast, Cherbourg, Halifax (Nova Scotia) and New York, a Memorandum of Understanding has been approved by all the relevant Councils. On Friday 15th June, 2007, the Sheriff of Southampton will visit Cobh to commence the formal process of signing the memorandum. The Mayor of Cobh, Cllr. Nóirín Doyle, in her final formal act as Mayor of Cobh, will sign the Memorandum on behalf of the town of Cobh. The Sheriff of Southampton will also sign the document on behalf of the City of Southampton.

The Memorandum of Understanding commits the various Councils to work together to market and promote activity in connection with the Titanic Centenary. All of the cities involved have a strong and direct connection with the fatal voyage of the Titanic and have agreed to act in partnership together in connection with the centenary commemorations.

Cobh Town Council is delighted that this process is to start in our town. Cobh was the last stopping point of the Titanic on its fatal voyage and it is appropriate that the first formal step in relation to the centenary takes place in Cobh.

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