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Cobh Edition – An Apology



Early this morning, some comments were made on the Cobh Edition page of  Social Networking website Facebook regarding the election, which were deemed ‘insulting’ by some,  to the people of Cobh. It was not our intention for our comments to be taken in this way and we would offer a sincere apology to the people of Cobh as a whole and any one person who may have been offended by same. The election result figures were read incorrectly before the comments were made, however, the comment was deleted after the results were read a second time. Our comments came across in a way which blamed Cobh voters for not electing a Cobh based TD to one of the four Cork East availabe seats. We also agree that our comment was wrong and could have been worded in a better way.

As people will know, Cobh Edition or the people behind it and in no way Anti-Cobh, in fact we are more than 100% Pro-Cobh and no doubt you will have noticed this by the way we promote the Town, it’s Tourism and it’s businesses. We put a lot of time, effort and financial resources into providing you with the services we do.

Thank You
Cobh Edition

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