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Cobh on the Map



Since Friday 18th February, Cobhman Mark Leahy has been putting Cobh on the Map on Hector’s Breakfast Show on 2FM.

Each morning Mark and his opponent on the show must name five items on different topics in just ten seconds. Before that however, the contestants must put their home town on the map by giving an interesting fact about their town. Mark has excelled at this by mentioning that Cobh is Sonia O’Sullivan’s and Jack Doyle’s hometown, that Cobh boasts the second largest natural harbour in the World, the visit of Laurel and Hardy in 1953, that Cobh is the last port of call of the Titanic and that the largest Cruise liners in the world tie up right in the town.

Up until now the current best score is seven wins in a row and if Mark is successful tomorrow he will match that record. The ultimate winner will have Hector broadcast his show from their home which would be magnificent publicity for Cobh.

Tune in tomorrow at 7.40 am to hear Mark’s latest gem of information and if he continues to put Cobh on the Map.

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