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Thank You from Sandra McLellan



Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of voters from all over the constituency of Cork East, for placing your faith in me and allowing me the honour of representing you in the Dail.

This was a very hard fought campaign and one where your votes have not only determined the outcome of the contest, but will also determine how you will be represented over the coming years. The only promise I can make to you at the outset of this new Dail term, is that I and my party will work tirelessly to represent your interests, to reverse the cuts, the increased charges and hidden taxes and all the unjust measures that led to your anger before this election, and to offer the strongest possible opposition in the Dail to the conservative consensus for cuts and the squandering of €billions into zombie banks.

Over the term of this Dail, I will represent the people of all of Cork East without fear or favour and will make myself both accessible and accountable to everyone regardless of the area they belong. I will do this at a personal level and in conjunction with my party colleagues on Councils in Cobh, Midleton, Fermoy, Mallow and Youghal.

In terms of history, I am aware that I am the first ever female Sinn Féin TD to be elected to the Cork East constituency. I am also honoured to be a part of a team which will push my party’s Equality Agenda in the Dail, and to help bring about a fairer society of equals.

I would like to thank my campaign workers from all around Cork East, who recently went out knocking on doors in the dark and in the rain to help me get elected. You’re hard and tireless efforts in the promotion of our republican/socialist message have finally reaped rewards, and I share in your joy and in your pride for what we have achieved through this victory.

Finally, I would again like to thank all who voted for me. I will do all in my power to ensure your votes and trust in me will be sound political investments. I and my party are mere ambassadors for you to represent your interests in the Dail and together, I hope we will see our country a fairer and more equal and united place in which to live by the time of the next election.

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