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Letters To Cobh Edition – Why Do We Mistreat The Elderly?



Hi Cobh Edition

I was just thinking about the eldery and the way they are treated which brought a thought about my mam to me when she was left on a hospital trolly only to be brought into a room to be worked upon a little too late.
It really makes me so angry to see our eldery being hurt because without them, and what they done for all of us, where would we be today?  They fought in wars, paid their dues and they really should be shown respect.

I love the eldery  that I worked in the Cobh Hospital when I was in my teens and I loved helping them and just letting them tell there stories of their lives. That is all they want, is to be cared for and not to be hurt by those so called carers. People forget that they too will age themselves, I think there should be a special day for them to show that we care.

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