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€5.00 PER WEEK Cobh Edition Business Classified



Cobh Edition recently launched it’s Business Classifieds Directory and now offer businesses the opportunity to list your business for only €5.00 per week. With over 99,000 pages served up on our main site at in January this year then it just has to be your best option to get your brand out there and the business rolling in. Check it out here at

The beauty of this system is that once you register and place your advert, you yourself control the images and advert content which is great for Special Offers, Menus etc etc. Once your advert is paid for then you can login as many times you want and change the pictures and content. Not only is this a great promotion tool in itself, it also links back to your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you have them.

Facebook doesn’t let you place much info into a post but with our classifieds you get to place alot more and then you simply place the address into Facebook. It pulls in your advert making it very easy for you, not to mention others to share your advert with their friends etc etc. Cobh Edition also feeds your advert to Facebook periodically.

Check it out here at The sign-up process is absolutely FREE and you don’t get charged until you place your advert. At €20.00 for 30 Days or €35.00 for 60 Days you can’t go wrong and you’ll get results.

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