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Day 7

As for the quality of the food we have developed a 3 tier hierarchy ranging from the green packs which you will just about force feed yourself to the British Army ration packs which we might just have a mutiny over! In the middle are the orange packs which are pretty good, especially the ‘spag bol‘ and the custard with berries. Unfortunately about 60% of all our rations are the least favored green packs and we only have 22 of the Army packs remaining, the plan is to spoil ourselves each sat with these for the next few weeks they are so good I would nearly join the Army!!

The other bad news is that it seems most of the green packs have been contaminated by petrol or diesel so it makes all the chocolate bars unpalatable and some of the meals even more disgusting than normal. This should not be a problem as we have stockpiled all the uneaten meals but if we are out here for more than 45 days we will have to eat the tainted food

Day 8

Just a quick note as I am being bounced around the cabin.  We finally got some wind to help us along today, only problem is is that is not directly behind us and the boat is getting tossed about a little so tricky to row and not very comfortable to sit around, hopefully it swings around behind us tonight and then it will make for a smoother ride.

Day 9

My new favorite piece of kit is my Palm Equipment ‘Tasman’ dry top which was kindly sponsored by , I wore it all night and all the lads are jealous of me being so warm and dry inside it, looks like I will be wearing it for the next few days too as this weather is to keep up. The daily routine has also changed slightly with the rough seas as we now have to keep the hatches closed at all times, this is a Major safety feature of the boat as if it was to capsize it relies on the airtight cabins to self right.

Day 10

We finally got back to the oars at 1900 just as the sun had set and we were quickly back into routine, rowing through the night. I have now rowed over 100 hours and in excess of 120,000 strokes since the start of the trip, by the time we get to Barbados I should have done about 5 times that!!

Day 11

It’s appears to have been a super week aboard the Sara G, with only one day of rough weather which prevented them from rowing for a few hours. Despite everything, The Sara G is making good progress and is about to start moving at an even faster pace across the Atlantic. The Website is proving very popular with over 7,500 page impressions in the last 15 days! Facebook has been a huge contributor.

Day 12

Each day the horizon to the front, back, left and right all seem to be in the same place so it appears that we are rowing to stand still, the only reference we have to tell us we are moving is our GPS plotter.  Thankfully we do always appear to be rowing downhill with a  gentle Atlantic swell nudging us along our way

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