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Cork County Council Opportunities for Apprentices & Unemployed



Photo by Diane Cusack - Photographer

The Mayor of the County of Cork, Councillor Jim Daly, today briefed Cork County Council on recent and ongoing initiatives with FÁS which will see Cork County Council providing training for up to fifty five apprentices and unemployed people to secure on the job training and relevant work experience.

The FÁS Redundant Apprentice Placement Scheme (RAPS) gives redundant apprentices the opportunity to complete on-the-job phases 3, 5 and 7 to enable them to progress in their apprenticeship while the FÁS Work Placement Programme (WPP) assists the unemployed to retain their skills levels and/or secure work experience that will assist them in getting a job.

“I’m delighted that Cork County Council was able to provide places for 3 apprentices in 2010 under the FÁS Redundant Apprentice Placement Scheme,” said Mayor Daly.  “The three apprentices – two plumbers and an electrical instrumentation technician – were able to complete their workplace training in order to achieve their craft certificates.  As a direct result of our experience in 2010, Cork County Council has identified up to 30 apprentice places under the 2011 Scheme.

According to Niall Beakey, Electrical Instrumentation Technician who completed phase seven of this apprenticeship last Friday, February 11th, 2011: “I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Cork County Council.  Having completed the other six phases of my apprenticeship in the pharmaceutical sector, I gained vast experience working in a variety of different environments right across the county.“

Mayor Daly also announced that Cork County Council is providing 25 positions, which is the maximum number allowable, through the FÁS Work Placement Programme.  “The FÁS Work Placement Programme is a laudable programme which is designed to assist the unemployed to retain their skills levels and / or secure work experience that will support them in getting a job,” said Mayor Daly.  “The 25 positions with Cork County Council include opportunities for Marketing/Media graduates, Arts graduates, Office assistants, Accountant/Accounting Technicians, Engineers and Instrumentation, Electrical, Environmental and Architectural Technicians.”

At the end of the WPP, 5 paid project places will be awarded by Cork County Council to 5 of the 25 WPP participants which will run for a further twelve months.

Anyone registered with FÁS is eligible to participate in the FÁS Work Placement Programme and details on the programme are available at  An application form can be requested from or, alternatively, by telephone at 021 4285511.

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