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Sinn Féin priorities for the next Dáil



Sinn Féin Candidate Sandra McLellan  has  said there is a better, fairer way to reduce the deficit and deal with the banks. Our alternative seeks to stimulate the economy, protect and create jobs and reform the tax system.  We would target cuts at the top of society — beginning with the salaries of Government Ministers, TDs and top civil servants.

In the upcoming general election we will be presenting a real programme of recovery which will:

1.    Regenerate the economy by investing in a major job creation programme to get Ireland back to work.

2.    Reverse the savage cuts and prioritise frontline services.

3.    Burn the bondholders in Anglo and wind it up.

4.    Reduce the deficit by taxing the wealthiest and eliminating wasteful spending.

5.    Provide for a root and branch reform of the political system; including abolishing the Seanad in its current form, reforming the electoral system, and bringing forward a constitution aimed at producing a genuine republican form of Government which puts an end to political elites and empowers Irish citizens.

6.    Ensure the proper use of Ireland’s natural resources for the common good.

7.    End the two-tier health and education systems.

8.    And guarantee continued support for the Peace Process, the Good Friday Agreement and seek to enhance outreach to the unionist community.

People are looking for a new kind of politics. That is what Sinn Féin offers.

Cllr McLellan is calling on the voters of Cork east to make a stand – There is a better way

Vote for Sinn Féin.

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