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Crows Nest New Menu – A Welcome Delight



On Saturday we visited the Crows Nest Bar & Brasserie, Rushbrooke Links, to try the new menu that they had rolled out earlier in the week and can only say that all the hype surrounding its release certainly made it worth the lunchtime visit.

After recently deciding that it was best to modify opening hours, (Mon – Thur 5.00pm, Fri – 4.00pm and Sat & Sun 11.30am), to ensure it’s survival in this nasty economic climate, the decision was also made by Management to overhaul it’s menu and offer a wider range of Salads, Meals & Deserts at very reasonable prices.

We had eaten at the Crow’s a few times previous and found that its menu would be suited to a more up market- City-like establishment where money wouldn’t have been much of an issue to its visiting clientel. Did the old Crow’s menu out price itself? Our opinion would be affirmative on that. Don’t get us wrong, the food and service provided has always been top quality and the friendliness of the Management & Staff made sure retention of potential regulars was assured, but the menu pricing for the regular Joe-Soap may have been just that little bit too high for this climate.

So to our lunch……..

We were early to the Crows because we find that eating in peace is important to us, and with the usual friendly service were greeted by Manager Gavin Higgins, who went through his rehearsed piece of explaining, (although we already knew) that the menu had been changed to suite a wider range of appetites and if there were any questions after reading, we were to feel free to ask.

One glance at the doubled-sided very colourful A3 sized menu might give some the impression that there is too much choice here, but a second look tells a different story. Yes, the selection is large, but a large selection of simple, uncomplicated foods.

One of us opted for two starters,  Golden Fried Brie Wedges with Country Relish and the Crsipy Prawn & Crab Wontons with Red Chilli Salad and Soy & Honey Dip instead of a main course, and have to say that both selections were absolutely delicious. For a main course I opted for the Hot & Spicy Char Grilled 8oz Burger with Hot Chilli Jam & Jalapeno Peppers, homemade chips and side salad. The youngest of the group went for the children’s meal of Sausages and Chips, which to no great surprise, was only able to eat half of it as the portion was overly generous for its relatively cheap price. The overall presentation of the meals was good and when placed on the table they immediately screamed off the plate to be devoured without delay and indeed made our mouths water just looking at them.

The Golden Fried Brie melted in our mouths, as it is supposed to do and the amount of breadcrumbs was just right, as sometimes, too many breadcrumbs can spoil the dish.  The Crsipy Prawn & Crab Wontons with Red Chilli Salad and Soy & Honey Dip was only to die for.

As a lover of spicy food, I found the 8oz Hot & Spicy Burger just perfect and at €10.00 great value.

A new twist to the menu is the added Take-Away Service. You can either visit the Crows or call them on 021-4816597 to place your order for collection. Food is being served at the Crows Nest, Rushbrooke, from 4.00pm to 10.00pm on Friday’s and all day on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

With a choice of eleven different Starters & Snacks, 7 different selections of grilled 8oz Burgers From The Grill,  3 different Pittas, 3 Speciality Meals, Pasta & Curry dishes, Side Orders and last but not least, a wide range of Desserts, you couldn’t ask for more in a menu. Also included on the new menu are several Meal Deals ranging in price from €11.00 to €13.50

Verdict: With the combination of good food, a wide range of drinks plus a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you can’t go wrong by paying a visit to try the new menu. You won’t be sorry.

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