Cobh Darts Notes, Standings & Fixtures

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The recently cancelled exhibition has been booked for Friday 15th October in the Jack Doyle Room, Commodore Hotel. Adrian will play no less than 20 legs of darts against players both prior selected and selected on the night. Players who qualified in the recent competition and Joe Hurley, the previous 301 winner, will play Lewis along with wild cards decided by host, Damien Rowe. There will be at least 8 people drawn from the crowd on the night.

Tickets for Lewis on the 15th oct now on sale from reception of the commodore hotel.there will be others selling tickets damien on 0858007404 if you need any tickets.


Individuals darts Competition

23 October · 4.00pm – 11.00pm at the Marlougue Inn cobh

Darts comp with the usual Cup/Shield format. Winners of first round go into cup. Losers go into shield. Sign in for 4pm first game at 4.30 sharp. €5 entry. All boards will be wall mounted


Results & Standings – 01/10/2010

Top Section := Points (Games Played)


Village Inn B (3) vs (4) G.A.A

Gilmores B (5) vs (2) Pirates

Jack Doyles B (No Game)


Village Inn B (4) := 16 points

G.A.A (4) := 15 points

Gilmores B (4) := 14 points

Jack Doyles B (4) := 13 points

Pirates (4) := 12 points

Middle Section := Points (Games Played)


Quarry Cock A (3) vs (4) Rob Roy

Mauritania (3) vs (4) Quarry Cock B

Village Inn A (No Game)


Quarry Cock B (4) := 16 points

Mauritania (4) := 14 points

Rob Roy (4) := 13 points

Village Inn A (4) := 11 points

Quarry Cock A (4) := 9 points

Bottom Section := Points (Games Played)


Gilmores A (4) vs (3) Marlogue

Ballymore (4) vs (3) Tarrants

Jack Doyles A (1) vs (6) Wolfetone


Ballymore (5) := 23 points

Tarrants (5) := 21 points

Wolftone (5) := 21 points

Gilmores A (5) := 18 points

Jack Doyles A (5) := 14 points

Marlogue (5) := 9 points



Friday 01/10/2010

Pirates vs Gilmores B

Village Inn B vs Cobh G.A.A


Mauritania vs Quarry B

Quarry B vs Rob Roy


Gilmores A vs Marlogue

Jack Doyles A vs Wolfetone

Ballymore vs Tarrants

Friday 08/10/2010

Pirates vs Cobh G.A.A

Jack Doyles B vs Village Inn B


Quarry A vs Mauritania

Village A vs Quarry B


Gilmores A vs Wolfetone

Tarrants vs Jack Doyles A

Ballymore vs Marlogue

Friday 22/10/2010

Village Inn B vs Pirates

Gilmores B vs Jack Doyles B


Quarry B vs Quarry A

Rob Roy vs Village A


Wolfetone vs Ballymore

Jack Doyles A vs Gilmores A

Marlogue vs Tarrants

Friday 29/10/2010

Jack Doyles B vs Cobh G.A.A

Village Inn B vs Gilmores B


Quarry B vs Rob Roy

Mauritania vs Village A


Gilmores A vs Ballymore

Tarrants vs Wolfetone

Marlogue vs Jack Doyles A

Friday 05/11/2010

Cobh G.A.A vs Gilmores B

Pirates vs Jack Doyles B


Rob Roy vs Mauritania

Quarry A vs Village A


Gilmores A vs Tarrants

Jack Doyles A vs Ballymore

Wolfetone vs Marlogue

Friday 12/11/2010

Gilmores B vs Pirates

Cobh G.A.A vs Village Inn B


Quarry B vs Mauritania

Rob Roy vs Quarry A


Marlogue vs Gilmores A

Wolfetone vs Jack Doyles A

Tarrants vs Ballymore

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