Ever Lasting Non-Existant Construction Work On Harbour Hill

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Today Cobh Edition received the following from a concerned resident of Harbour Hill regarding the on-going construction works taking place there.

”I live on Harbour Hill and have seen up to five people having close shaves with cars coming around that corner. Myself and a local business man have tried in vain to see whats going on with the work , I as a health and safety officer even contacted the HSA for advice as there is no notice for construction posted ( AF2) they said they would look into it but, when they got back to me they said it was a joint venture between the Council and a Local Civil Contractor. That same contractor, on investigation kept another road closed for two years in Cobh. I think it wont be long before a patient of Dr Kellehers or someone pushing a pram will get a belt of a car due to the fact the footpath is to narrow to bring a pram up on the opposite side of Dr Kellehers so they have to cross the road in turn putting them in serious danger”.

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One Response to Ever Lasting Non-Existant Construction Work On Harbour Hill

  1. I fully agree with the points made by this writer. I also contacted the Health & Safety Authority when the works started and they didn’t even acknowledge my email.

    The footpath at the opposite side of the road is very narrow and there are trees growing out of the centre of the path as well as several large ESB poles. It is impossible for two people to pass on the path without one having to walk on the narrow stretch of road – directly in the path of oncoming cars. There is no work going on at these premises – the hoarding and the signage is simply a ploy on the part of the owners to give the council the impression of progress. It is high time the council moved in and made the buildings safe and removed the hoarding – and send the bill to the developer or institute compulsory purchase orders.

    John Jefferies
    October 1, 2010 at 11:32 am