Near Fatal Accident At Rusbrooke Links Entrance

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Pic shows the extremely dangerous turn into the Rusbrooke Links estate

The entrance to Rushbrooke Links came close to having it’s first fatal accindent early Monday morning when a male driving up Ballynoe Hill, for whatever reason found himself on he wrong side of the road and ended up in a near fatal accident when a car coming down the hill had no alternative to a head-on collision. The accident happened at approximately 12.45am and was heard by some Rushbrooke Links residents. Gardai and the Ambulance service quickly attended the scene and both occupants of the car travelling down the hill were rushed to hospital. At this stage we can confirm that one of those occupants has serious back injuries. The driver of the vehicle travelling up Ballynoe Hill was arrested at the scene.

Sources close to the seriously injured girl in the car are very concerned and one went so far as to tell us that ‘she is in a serious condition in hospital and and her work collegues at Centra Rushbrook Links are rooting for her’.

It has to be said, as our images show, even for someone travelling up Ballynow Hill wishing to turn right into Rushbrooke Links, that this right turn is without doubt 100% treacherous and it’s totally amazing that someone has not yet been killed at the junction. It’s now time for the people of Cobh to have this rectified and immediate action be taken by the relevant Council to ensure we do NOT have a repeat of Monday morning.

Scattered sand at the scene to soak up oil spill

Cllr John Mulvihil, a Rushbrooke Links resident himself when contacted by Cobh Edition said ‘ Obviously the primary concer here is for those involved in the accident and my immediate thoughts are with the families. From a Health & Safety point of view I think we need to look at the entrance as a whole and I will certainly be making contact with  those concerned with same.

At the time of publising this report Cobh Edition can confirm that a man has been cherged with ‘Drunk Driving’ and will appear at Cobh District Court this coming Wednesday – 28th July

2 Responses to Near Fatal Accident At Rusbrooke Links Entrance

  1. Sad to see read this event..but it was inevitable..anytime of the day. The so called “Engineers” that pased this road lay-out is a disgrace..same as Cow Cross Junction ( blind roads meeting ) 23 smashes & 1 fatality!!. I’ve travelled these roads also in height of winter and nothing is catered for surface springs,( drainage ) they probably dont know what they are, hehehehehehe. If Cobh wants tourists coming in to their Island, safely & leave safely, Hierarcy Clowns need to take off their costumes and do something. Does it take a fatality???again

    July 26, 2010 at 10:27 pm

  2. Saddened!!

    July 26, 2010 at 10:37 pm