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Cobh Pirates recently hosted a rugby summer camp, which was organised and ran by Munster Rugby. The camp catered for children ranging in age from 6 to 13. Over 60 children , some local and some from around the province, presented on the first day of the camp.

The camp emphasised the fun in the sport of rugby while also developing the basic skills required for the game. It was enjoyed thoroughly by both the seasoned players and newcomers alike. While learning basic techniques for tackling, passing and running the children also played various games derieved from different aspects of the actual game of rugby.

On Wednesday the boys and girls were treated to a visit by Denis Fogarty (over 60 Munster Caps) and Peter O Mahoney (Munster A and Ireland u 20 Captain). The duo happily signed autographs and stepped in for pictures with the kids to make the rugby camp experience all the more memorable.

Cobh Pirates were the only Junior club to retain and add to their numbers from last years camp, thus championing the case for the club to host a camp next year. Many thanks to the parents etc who brought the children up and collected them for the week.

Richie McGrath

The club, in association with Cobh Gardai, will be holding its annual childrens tag rugby tournament again this year. This is a very enjoyable way for children to play the game, with the emphasis on the fact that there is no contact or tackling allowed. A tackle is simply made by grabbing a piece of velcro material attached to the opponents waist. The registration/open evening is Monday 2nd August at 7pm.

For further information contact,

Kieran McKeown  086 679 4564 or Ken McNamara     087 243 6594

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