Bus Away The Tourists….We Have Nothing To Offer!!!

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An interesting topic came up on our Facebook page again this morning regarding the fact that when a liner visits town we see an influx of buses to whisk away the liners passengers out of town for the day. Some people are of the opinion that we cannot offer enough to keep the tourist in the town and occupied for the day, but that’s a minority. Many are of the opinion that Cobh has plenty to offer…….What do you think? Do our local authorities do enough to keep them here and if not then what can we, as a community do to keep valuable tourists in town?

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4 Responses to Bus Away The Tourists….We Have Nothing To Offer!!!

  1. Buses cater for those who want to visit Blarney, Cork City,Waterford, Kerry etc. Some want to relax and they stay and stroll around Cobh. Its also weather dependent on what a visitor decides to do:bad weather and they might go on tour, good weather and they’re more lightly to stay around Cobh.

    How about pedistrinising from the Sirus Arts Centre all the way to end of East Beach when cruise liners are in?
    It would allow the traders/stalls and customers more room to walk/enjoy/spend.

    How much liaising is done between Cobh tourism and the cruise liners to outline what is available locally? Just a question that I don’t know the answer to.

    June 25, 2010 at 11:14 am

  2. For people coming off the liners,Rushbrook is one of the best tennis clubs and look at the sailing experience of people in Cobh. Wonderful health support from Robinhill.

    Come to think of it, many nearby locals could become tourists too if there was a day package of tennis sailing, health and some music after.

    All the best to Cobh and keep the thinking caps on.

    Claire Desmond
    June 26, 2010 at 8:25 am

  3. It’s all well and good offering the tourists the tennis club and Robin hill. No doubt they have those facilities on the boat already so when they come to Cobh they are looking for something different. So yes sailing might be an option but then you have to consider that over half the people on these cruises can’t walk so whether they can sail is another thing.
    I know for a fact that Cobh Golf Club are the ONLY golf club in Cork who approach the shipping companies offering special rates to the tourists.
    We have to offer different to whats on the boat to stop them leaving but unfortunately I don’t think we can. The walking tour in the old churrch is only on twice a month unfortunately. Hopefully Spike can keep them around in the near future.

    June 26, 2010 at 10:17 am

  4. This has been going on for years. There is simply not enough for tourists to do in Cobh. Secondly, the fact that buses take them away to Blarney, Cork etc means that these places are marketing themselves very successfully, something that has been severely lacking in Cobh for years. Take the example of Kinsale: Beautifully maintained, fabulous marina, good pubs and restaurants but what else is actually there? Not a lot really – but the marketing gurus have made it the place to be seen and to visit. I’m not saying Cobh doesn’t have these, but marketing is dismal. When a marina was suggested for Cobh is was knocked back by people who thought that corrugated iron sheds were landmarks and shouldn’t be touched! For a town that lays within the second largest natural harbour in the world NOT to have a marina and asscociated business is quite frankley a marketing and planning disaster! Look at places like Freemantle in Australia: Marina, world class facilities and tourists and boaters from all over the world throng the place year round. Yes it has the weather for this, but most importantly is has marketed itself as THE place to be seen. Lets be honest here, Blarney is great but it is a giant tourist trap. The castle there only amounts to less than 10% of the turnover for the area. The real money is made by shops offering what the tourists actually want but more importantly, offer them choice. The latter has been lacking for MANY years in Cobh!

    July 2, 2010 at 9:02 am