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IndieCork pledges to continue online despite Level 3 restrictions



IndieCork has moved online for the remainder of the festival. Tuesday marked the final day of the physical festival given that Level 3 restrictions were announced.

However such is the demand to support local filmmakers, IndieCork Online is still in full swing. The virtual version of the festival is online now since last Sunday and that is where the focus will shift until October 18th. 

Commenting today, Festival Co-Director Mick Hannigan said: “We’re hugely grateful to our partners The Gate Cinema. Since last Sunday everything has operated to the highest standard, and they always take care of people. The Gate is so supportive of local cinema and indeed, of IndieCork. We will be back in the cinemas but for this year we will enjoy all the wonderful films online.”

Úna Feely, Festival Co-Director commented: “IndieCork Online has really taken off, and we are delighted to announce that many of the films people were anticipating seeing will be available there. A big thanks goes to Blacknight Solutions, our online partner, as they have helped us realise our online festival in a very imaginative and user friendly way. So, we hope that people will join us online, enjoy the festival, there are films but also interviews and Q & As and some of the festival atmosphere’. 

IndieCork Online can be accessed at:

From now until October 18th 

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