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Call-out to the residents and diaspora of Cobh and Great Island: Royal Cork Yacht Club, Queenstown/Cobh, 1854-1966



RCYC clubhouse, regatta 1895, image courtesy of RCYC

We are currently developing an exhibition to mark the 300th anniversary of the Royal Cork Yacht Club. The exhibition brings together archive material, photographs and objects relevant to the Royal Cork Yacht Club. We are focusing on the period between 1854 and 1966, when the Royal Cork Yacht Club was based in our building.

The exhibition is being produced in collaboration with the Royal Cork Yacht Club and Cobh Museum. We already have some interesting items on loan from our partners, and we are now seeking additional contributions from the general public.

We would like to know if there are any hidden gems or stories out there in the community. As the current occupants of the building, we are especially keen to track down photographs featuring the interior and any documents or accounts relating to former staff. If you have something of interest that you wish to share please email, where you can reach the exhibition organisers.

Any piece brought forward will be treated with care. It might be featured in the exhibition, with the corresponding reference to the owner, and will be recorded and/or photographed/scanned, after which will form part of our own archive pertaining to the history of the building. Donations of original pieces are welcome.

We are currently closed due to the coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis, but we will receive the pieces after we reopen, currently scheduled for 26 July. The exhibition’s timing is subject to our reopening.

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