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Many thanks to those who responded to our last news update with reports on their Internet speed results. Do let us know what your speed is by emailing The more results we get, the more comprehensive the case that we will be able to pursue.

Did you know that Sky, Google and Netflix, to name but a few, are planning new services which most of Cobh will not be able to receive due to low speed broadband? These new services will require up to 50 Mbps – what speed do you have? Let us know. Typically Cobh homes have speeds of between 6 and 10 Mbps. More importantly major health services are coming online, but of course they will require high speed broadband also.

We are continuously linking with political representatives at all levels and will shortly meet with local politicians to get an update on their developments. Did you know that in the late 90’s Cobh was an award winner in the “Ireland Information Age Towns Competition”? We must build on that success not lie on our laurels-which are now becoming somewhat wilted.

Taoiseach Varadkar has made a personal crusade of broadband; however some doubt his commitment to this project beyond the main cities. For the future of Cobh and of the next generation in our great town, Cobh must win the fight for good connectivity. Local elections are on the horizon, let’s make an issue of broadband at the doorstep.

Bill Ramsell, Jim O’Meara, Denis Twomey, Eoghan Allen

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