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LETTERS TO COBH EDITION – Belvelly without drinking water since 16th August



Dear Belvelly neighbours,

I’m sure that we have all had quite enough of the inconvenience of the lack of drinking water. Resolution of this situation doesn’t seem to be terribly highly prioritised.

We are grateful to the people who have been looking into it for us all but perhaps it’s time we got together and made a bit more noise about our situation. I dread the thoughts of a winter lugging water to the house. We are all trying to use less plastic but because the water in the tanker needs boiling ( and tastes foul) our only option seems to be buying plastic bottles of water or refilling those bottles at friends and families houses.

Most of Cobh don’t seem to be aware of our situation at all. So.. I am asking if people would be interested in having a meeting to discuss this situation and to make a plan. I would ask you to spread the word to as many people who are affected by the ‘Do not use’ situation. I believe that there are 175 houses affected .

There are also a number of other issues which we feel should be aired and hopefully acted upon.

Mary Stack and I recently discussed the traffic situation with representatives of the Belvelly, Carrigaloe and District Community Association.( Find them on Facebook) We are hoping to have speed signs erected similar to those in Carrigaloe. (Smiley Faces!). We would also like to see the Speed limit reduced by 10 k in our area.

There are plans to almost double the number of cruise liners coming in to Cobh . While this is fantastic and beneficial to the area and to the whole of Cork the issue of Traffic management needs to be addressed.

The mains sewage situation is ongoing and it is hoped that by working alongside the Carrigaloe residents that we might make progress on this project. The District Community Association have been very proactive and and have achieved much by working together. I feel that it’s time that we in Belvelly should do the same. I apologise in advance if this unintentionally undermines any works done already. We are all so spread out who knows what anyone is doing ?

Our area is growing, our needs are expanding, if we work together as a community I feel that we have a hope of making changes . We have the support of the Belvelly Carrigaloe and District Commnity Association. I’m sure that there are many skills amongst us that can be drawn upon.

I am a non political animal, however I have no issue asking any politician, councillor, public representative to help us with the problems that we face.

This message is to see whether people are interested, based on the response to it we will make a date for a meeting and advertise this meeting in local publications and through Social media.

Ali Cullinane, Belvelly
Mary Stack, Belvelly

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