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Storm Callum shows how ordinary people being left to pick up cost of climate change, says Green Party



Carrigaloe Bridge Cobh this morning 12th October 2018. – Photo: Colm McDonagh

The Green Party in Cork has said ordinary people are being left to pick up the cost from government inaction on climate change. The call follows a mudslide at Carrigaloe near Cobh this morning, which threatened to cut off the island, caused by Storm Callum.

Speaking this morning, the party’s Cobh representative, Susan Lanigan, said:

“This is one local disruption due to unseasonal weather patterns which is now being cleared. Yet again it happened on the main route to the ferry and the mainland. But it’s not just one thing. It’s every felled tree blocking roads, every flood-related damage report, every site closure due to high winds – the effect is cumulative. It goes on and on and on.”

“In Cobh, we are an island community and very vulnerable when weather-related events block us off from the mainland. The council do Trojan work fixing these issues as they occur, but who pays for this work? Ordinary citizens. And with this much repair activity going on, they will need funds from the central government.”

Carrigaloe Bridge Cobh this morning 12th October 2018. – Photo: Colm McDonagh

“If the central government had any sort of plan to combat climate change, it might save us money in the long run. But they are scandalously neglecting their duty and events like this are only the beginning of what we shall face going forward thanks to their Emperor Nero attitude.”

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