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Mounting anger at loss of historic strand



Residents of the Holy Ground found that access to the strand on the east side of town has been completely blocked by the council overnight without any explanation given. Public access to one of Cobh’s oldest swimming areas at the camber was blocked by the council in March, with little sign now that it will be reopened.

Neighbours are concerned that the removal of access down steps from the Titanic Gardens, will mean the strand will effectively become a private beach. “Unfortunately there is precedent for this” said longterm resident Jim Shealy “French’s strand, the next beach along, was one of the main bathing areas of the town until the right of way was blocked by new property owners. It would be criminal if this was allowed to happen here too when access is owned by the council.”

Walkers, families and visitors to the beach, along with many tourists visiting the adjacent Titanic Gardens have been unable to access the beach . For decades the rock pools on the camber have long been used by school science classes, and the shale beach there has historically been a swimming and picnic area for families.

In response to a written enquiry by one these walkers, the council has claimed since that the beach and an adjacent cliff is a danger to users. “Of course any beach is a potential danger to users, ” said Mr Sheely. “But that shouldn’t prevent people from accessing the strand they want to at their own risk. It just needs a sign!

“The steps down to the beach are robust, though the bottom one needs replacing after damage from the recent hurricane, “ he added. “This is a beautiful asset for the people of the town that needs to be protected – and it can be very easily done.”

If you’re interested in helping maintain access to the beach please visit FACEBOOK PAGE

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