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Great Island Sailing Club AGM




Great Island Sailing Club will hold its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 18th of September 2018. The meeting will take place in the Community Center, Cobh  at 20:00 hrs. 

We would encourage all members to attend and participate in the proceedings.

Agenda for the AGM will be as follows:

  1. Commodores Report
  2. Financial statement (Preliminary)
  3. Adoption of the Constitution
  4. Presentation on club structures (Officer Positions / Sub Advisory Committees)
  5. Appointment of Auditors
  6. Election of Flag Officers and General Committee members
  7. AOB/general discussion about club matters

Any member wishing to propose any items or questions for the AGM shall give notice thereof in writing to the Secretary (email:  on/before at least fourteen days before the date fixed for the General Meeting. Club members who wish to stand for election as Flag Officers or General Committee members of Great Island Sailing Club must notify the Secretary on/before 4th of September 2018.

There are no special motions on the agenda.

VOTING IS RESTRICTED TO FULLY PAID UP MEMBERS FOR THE 2018 SEASON.  Note:  Voting is restricted to over 18s and votes can only be exercised by those present at the AGM.  A Parent / Guardian may vote on behalf of a Junior Member.  Family Memberships have two votes, however each adult present at the AGM may only cast one vote each.

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