Cobh to remember Jutland and those who fought in World War 1

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Stoker Petty Officer William Cotter, HMS Indefatigable Source: Cotter Family Collection

Cobh will remember Jutland and all those who fought in World War 1
Cobh, Co. Cork, 2 June 2018

On the 2nd of June 2018, the people of C?bh will come together to remember the 20 sons it lost at The Great Sea Battle of Jutland in 1916 and to recognise all those who served in World War 1.

A Remembrance Service will be held at 2pm in St Colman’s Cathedral, C?bh, Co. Cork. It will be followed by a five-minute procession to the Convent of the Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Benedict’s Priory, The Mount, formerly Admiralty House
This procession will be led by a piper and will be followed by children, some are descendants, carrying twenty sailor’s caps to represent those Cobh men killed in action on the 31st of May 1916. This includes Commander Richard Herbert Denny Townsend, the highest-ranking Irishman to die at Jutland.

Four Generations of McGrath’s will be attending this unique and poignant occasion. Ms Eithne Wright, Chair of the Jutland Memorial Society of Cobh, whose great uncle, William McGrath, was on HMS Queen Mary when she exploded, stated “It will be a very emotional moment for those taking part. It brings home the reality of war and of the sacrifice they made and of the families they left behind. We are very grateful for the generosity of Cork County Council and the Port of Cork as main sponsors, to local Businesses and Associations and the people of Cobh whose donations made this possible. We are especially thankful to the Benediction Nuns for allowing the Monument to be placed on their grounds”

A Monument to their sacrifice will be unveiled at 3pm in the Bible Gardens of St Benedict’s Priory, where it will be blessed. This will be followed by a short speech and the laying of wreaths. A Bugler will sound the Last Post, followed by a 2 minute silence.

The Secretary, Captain Paul Roche said “It is important for us as a town and as a nation to remember our fallen, no matter what colour of uniform they wore. History is the foundation of our future, if we choose to ignore our heritage then we choose to ignore who we really are”

The Jutland Memorial Society of Cobh decided that the service of those in World War 1 be remembered. Irishmen returned home to a very different Ireland from the one they left. The Great War, the War to end all Wars, is an extraordinary event in Irish history yet few know little if anything about their relatives who served. There is a rich treasure trove of information gathering dust in the drawers and desks of Ireland. Irishmen sacrificed so very much and it is gradually disappearing to be eventually forgotten….

The Men of Queenstown (now Cobh) by Ms Eithne Wright


Those that died at the Battle of Jutland

Name and Rank/Rate

Official Number


Lives of the First World War link


Petty Officer Patrick John Archdeacon


HMS Black Prince

Stoker Petty Officer Denis Collins


HMS Indefatigable

Stoker Petty Officer John Collins


HMS Indefatigable

Stoker Petty Officer William Cotter


HMS Indefatigable

Captain Alfred William Delves Broughton

Royal Marine Light Infantry Officer

HMS Black Prince

Stoker 1st Class Henry Devlin


HMS Nessus

Stoker 1st Class Cornelius Donovan


HMS Indefatigable

Stoker 1st Class William James Geddes


HMS Indefatigable

Petty Officer Dunstan Harris


HMS Defence

Signal Boatswain Michael Kearns

Royal Navy Officer

HMS Defence

Stoker 2nd Class Maurice Kiely


HMS Defence


Petty Officer Daniel Leahy


HMS Indefatigable

Shipwright 1st Class William Patrick McGrath


HMS Queen Mary

Stoker Petty Officer William Henry Marshall


HMS Defence

Stoker 1st Class Patrick O’Callaghan


HMS Indefatigable

Stoker 1st Class Daniel Joseph O’Mahoney


HMS Defence

Able Seaman William Henry Passey


HMS Queen Mary

Stoker Petty Officer George Patterson


HMS Warrior

Commander Richard Herbert Denny Townsend

Royal Navy Officer

HMS Invincible

Stoker 1st Class Patrick Walsh


HMS Defence