ASPERGER SYNDROME by Cian Burke (Age 10) from Cobh, Co.Cork, Ireland

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Autism and “Special Needs”
• The Asperger Syndrome is a type of Autism. Autism is what people call “Special Needs”, obviously, there are different types of “Special Needs” and Autism is just one part of it. When people hear someone has Autism, they expect to see a disability or someone who is Non-Verbal (Which is where people can’t speak) or something like that. And they are straight out WRONG!! Just because you’re not, what some rude people would call “Mental” doesn’t mean your not Autistic.

Some people think autistic people are stupid or “not as able” as others. And Autism is like; A snowflake, DNA or a keyhole, all Autism is different.

The different effects Asperger’s can have on people.

• Some people with Asperger’s have bad social interactions or mental disabilities. Most people with AS have Sensory problems, these are when someone is sensitive to; Sounds, Tastes, touches or Smells. You might have more than one. For example:

When we were in 1st class and Jr Infants and such, everyone wanted to know why I bit my pencil and as most people put it “ate” paper and stuff. It’s because my sensory problems are around my mouth. Others have problems with Motor Skills, this is when people can’t coordinate or control their body movements like they want to.

“Face reading” and “Body Language”
• Some people with AS have a hard time “Face Reading”. This is when someone can’t tell what your feeling by your expression on your face. Some may also not be able to read “Body Language”, which is where they mightn’t be able to read your bodily gestures and movements. Some can also mis-hear the feeling in one’s voice. When you do the opposite is called “Tuning-In”, most people can do it naturally and don’t have to be taught to do it. Yet some with AS must be taught. Others may not understand Sarcasm. Most might avoid eye contact. This does not mean they are being rude or unfriendly, it just means they feel uncomfortable when looking someone straight into the eyes.

• Just before we move on, I want you to think about this. When you hear the word normal what do you see or picture. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG AND WRONG!!!! THE WORD NORMAL HAS NO MEANING! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE “NORMAL”, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!

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• When people with AS experience changes into their daily routine, they can get stressed or confused, some more sensitive than others, some get very annoyed, others hide their frustration better. People with AS like to be warned before it happens. Example: I met up with Bob to go for lunch, and he has to go to get new shoes at the same time, I would prefer to be told instead of waiting about half an hour for a guy who is at the shoe shop. Some get annoyed or confused if they don’t fulfil a task set for them when they try their best, this might also make them feel weak or lose their confidence. This also may make them not believe in themselves anymore.

• Some people with AS prefer to be with one person they know and like as oppose to being in a group of four or five people they barley know. This can make one feel lonely. Some might get confused about what is expected from them. If someone with AS wanted to pick the game or make the rules, they’re not being bossy or mean. They just want to do it so they know how play, because otherwise they can get really confused or stressed if they can’t play. Some prefer to be alone doing what they love. For Example: In your bedroom painting or reading or whatever. Of course, there are people who like being in big groups as well as on their own.

AS lets us do things others can’t, yet sets us more restrictions also. People with AS don’t like to be treated differently, like they have something wrong with them, because THEY DON’T if you think otherwise, no offence, but you are being stupid. AS is something that can have a huge or tiny effect on your life. It’s your choice.

Asperger Syndrome is not an illness, it is not something that can be cured, and even if it was I would not want to, because I consider Asperger Syndrome to be a trophy, something to be proud of so…

• People with Asperger’s have done great, great things.

• Albert Einstein, one of the smartest men who ever lived had Asperger’s. which shows you how big of an impact that can be made, because apparently Asperger’s makes you smarter.

By Cian Burke