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Rasmussen calls for State contracts to provide a Living wage



Cllr Cathal Rasmussen2

Cllr Cathal Rasmusen has called for all State contracts in the Cobh area to include provisions to pay workers a Living Wage.

“Workers should always be well paid, ” said Cllr Rasmussen, speaking at the Labour Party

Anybody who is working should have enough to live on. The state is the biggest employer. It provides thousands of contracts. A lot of companies, in Cobh, pay people a minimum wage. However, the Labour Party works to ensure that all companies pay proper and fair wages to all their workforce and that all workers have proper working conditions. No company in receipt of government contracts should pay low wages which result in some workers having to apply for family income supplement to help them survive.”

The motion was overwhelmingly passed by the Labour conference.

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