Sirius Arts Centre presents ‘This Must be the Place | the Great Island’

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OFFICIAL600X400This Must be the Place | the Great Island
22 Feb – 26 March 2017 (closed Mondays).
Sirius Arts Centre, the Old Yacht Club, Cobh

“Everything is a project.” Alistair Hudson, (2014)

At the end of 2016, the current government launched Creative Ireland, a new five-year initiative which aims to put ‘culture at the centre of our lives, for the betterment of our people and for the strengthening of our society…’ But can this be possible? And if so, how? And what is the meaning of ‘culture’ in this context? Can the value of the arts be demonstrated through our normal daily living practices?

Following the success of its inaugural year in 2016, This Must be the Place | The Great Island once again invites you to attend and participate in a five-week programme of daily activities for and by the people of Cobh and Great Island. Again these questions will form the framework of the project – what is the role of an arts centre in a small town? Is it a place where art can be viewed? Or experienced? Or made? Or discussed? Or bought and sold? Is it a community centre? Is it a place for participation? Education? Social interaction? Social development? Is it a civic building? Is it autonomous? Is it inclusive? Exclusive? To whom? Is it part of a community? What community?

Events and activities will include a short documentary film festival, workshops, discussions, kids’ activities, food, music, a collaborative street performance, maritime and history talks and more. Take a seat, drink a coffee, read a book, meet your neighbours, do a workshop with your kids, learn how to use an SLR camera, listen to a tall tale or two, have an argument, have your say. This Must Be The Place.