Run For Your Life with Trevor Cummins

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a58e204d-5dc9-47d3-9a46-e820982ca05aWith running now becoming one of the most widely participated sports in the country, it’s seems hard to go about your business these days without bumping into groups of hugely enthusiastic runners at every turn you take.

What is it that seems to make them all so happy though, you ask yourself!

The answer is, in part, endorphins. These are the ‘feel good’ chemicals which your body releases when you exercise.

Produced in the brain, endorphins are structurally similar to the drug morphine and bring about feelings of euphoria and general well-being.

With the unrelenting speed of life and the everyday stress of our personal and professional lives showing no signs of slowing, it’s no wonder people of all ages are now looking to channel their remaining energies into such an easily accessible and enjoyable exercise as running.

As well as the obvious mental boost, there is also a long list of physical benefits to which participants can look forward to, including the lowering of blood pressure as well as a reduced risk of heart disease.

As your heart is a muscle, working it a safe level will help build its size and strength while the body’s ability to transport oxygen improves as tiny blood vessels called capillaries develop in the working muscles.

Running is also a great calorie burner and can help people lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight while decreasing the risk of obesity related-illnesses.

Joint and bone health will also improve from regular amounts of moderate intensity running, helping to fend off the threat of osteoporosis (brittle bone disease).

Along with these unseen health benefits, running can also increase muscle mass and improve body tone. With the correct technique, posture will also improve while stomach, back and leg muscles will all grow stronger.

So what do you need to get started? Not much apart from a good pair of running shoes which your local sports shop will be able to provide.

A patient approach and a good coach will also help you avoid the oft made mistake of doing too much too soon. Building the time spent on your feet gradually will ensure your reduce the risk of injury while increasing the likelihood of you gaining a sense of achievement from your hard-work.

As always, anyone returning to exercise from a period of inactivity, injury or illness is strongly advised to visit their doctor for a thorough health check to ensure you get the most from your running.

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