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Grand Princess Visits Cobh Wednesday 21st April – 7.00am



The Grand Princess Berthed In Cobh In 2008

Built in 1998 and refurbished in 2004, with a tonnage of 109,000, a Passenger Capacity: 2,600 and a crew of 1200, and known as the biggest, most expensive cruise ship ever, The Grand Princess docks in Cobh at 7.00am on Wednesday 21st April. With a $430 million price tag this particular vessel carries it’s name very well indeed.

The Grand Princess has more ways to relax, dine, shop, play, swim, sun, dance and indulge than you can imagine. With nine different places to dine and three shows from which to choose nightly, you can do what you want, when you want. The flagship of Personal Choice CruisingSM, the Grand Princess is the largest, most expensive ship afloat and the most innovative. No other ship offers so much choice in dining, entertainment and accommodations including more balconies than any other ship and much more.

A full list of liner visits can be viewed on Cobh Edition here and Port Of Cork here


Muso Sean Treacy Performs Outside The BMC Wed 21st April

Outside of the BMC as well tomorrow, Musician, Sean Treacy will be preforming some of the songs from his latest CD ‘My Celtic and Country Album’. Sean, who originates from Tallow Co. Waterford and living in Cork City the past thirty years has travelled extensively abroad, busking quite a bit and playing in country bands in his early years of playing until he joined a band in London, an Irish ballad group called Beggars Bush, who  played all the big Irish venues and clubs.

Sean, who also has family in Cobh, has played New York, Canary Islands, Salou, Lanzarotte, Cyprus, and in various venues throughtout Ireland which has lead to his talents being sought by others for various projects. He is currently writing an Opera but say he ‘always has time for song writing’. So if you’re down the Town in the morning why not stop and have a wee listen to Sean Treacy’s musical genius and it may also tempt you to pop into the BM and buy his CD/DVD which is on sale there.

Sean also has his own website at where you will find all you need to know about him.

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