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Information on Food Hygiene & HACCP for Businesses & for those wanting to work in the Food Industry.

What is Food Hygiene?
The steps taken to avoid risks to public health arising from food intended for human consumption and the measures necessary to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of foodstuffs.

Why Food Hygiene?
Poor food hygiene can lead to food poisoning which can cause serious illness or even death.
What are the Costs of Poor Food Hygiene?
The costs of poor food hygiene are enormous and include, mentioning just a few:
·         Food poisoning of consumers.
·         Food wastage, as bacteria can spoil food.
·         Legal actions, leading to costs, fines and possibly closure.
·         Adverse publicity, including the possibility of being named & shamed in the press.

What is Food Poisoning?
Food poisoning is an unpleasant illness which usually occurs within one to seventy-two hours of eating contaminated food.

What causes Food Poisoning?
Food poisoning can be caused by:
·         Bacteria
·         Viruses
·         Chemicals
·         Metals
·         Poisonous plants

What is HACCP?
Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system that allows you to identify and control any hazards that could pose a danger to the preparation of safe food. It involves looking at what can go wrong, and putting a plan in place to prevent it happening.

HACCP is a legal requirement but will also benefit your business.

What are the Benefits of HACCP?
HACCP provides businesses with a system for control of food safety, from ingredients right through to production, storage and distribution to sale and service of the final consumer. The preventive approach of HACCP improves food safety management. The main benefits of HACCP are:

    Saves your business money in the long run
    Avoids you poisoning your customers
    Food safety standards increase
    Ensures you are compliant with the law
    Food quality standards increase
    Organises your process to produce safe food
    Organises your staff promoting teamwork and efficiency
    Due diligence defence in court.

What are the Hazards?
Biological Hazard e.g. Salmonella
Chemical Hazard e.g. Cleaning Agents
Physical Hazard e.g. Glass
Allergenic Hazard e.g. Gluten

Anne has many years of experience from working in the food industry and can help business owners with preparing for EHO audits, staff training, customer complaints etc. or individuals who are job searching and would like a Certificate in Food Hygiene & HACCP to add to their CV.

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