Voluntary & Community Contribution – Avril Quinn

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In my role as a Career Coach I always ask my clients if they have ever volunteered, made some form of community contribution or indeed if they are at present volunteering for any community group or organisation. Why do I do this? Well for a number of reasons really…….

Post Celtic Tiger Ireland Employers absolutely love people who are involved in voluntary work. Why? Many reasons, it demonstrates that the person is not just all about themselves, is willing to give something back and go the extra mile, that they have consideration, compassion and empathy for other people and the energy to contribute and be of service. It also displays that the person is able to function in a group setting and has the people skills to work with people from diverse professions and backgrounds.  For people who may be presently unemployed voluntary and community contribution is WONDERFUL.  It gives the person a social outlet, a purpose, a group to connect with, a cause they believe in, an opportunity to use their skill set and as a natural consequence of all of this the person feels like they belong, is being of service and has a purpose.  Powerful stuff.

Voluntary work is an ideal opportunity to try something new, maybe an area we always wanted to try but didn’t have the confidence, time or resources.  When you try something as a volunteer the pressure is not as high as an employee or a student.  You are simply a volunteer, giving of your time free of charge so it is not the same intensity.  This gives you the freedom and space to try new opportunities.  When you are working either full time or part time, volunteering gives you a release, a break away from the high pressures of the working environment, it changes your perspective and re-energises you to face the future challenges ahead.

Finally for me personally I feel that doing something that makes a difference gives me a sense of pride and achievement that words cannot describe. When I think about all of the exceptional people in our community who give of their time, skills and energy I am extremely humbled and it is most certainly one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. I encourage everybody, young and old, to research what local voluntary and community opportunities there are for you to try……………you have nothing to lose!

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