If I were to ask one of your friends to describe you what would they say? – Avril Quinn

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If I were to ask one of your friends to describe you what would they say?

This is one of the most commonly used interview questions that is used by Recruiters both here in Ireland and also abroad.  Why is it used? Essentially to gain more of an insight into the person, a more holistic picture of who they are, their values, moral code, character, personality and what drives them.  But, why ask how the friends would describe them?

It’s a simple as this, when we are asked to describe ourselves we are usually very critical and reluctant to put our best foot forward.  Society, our culture and evolution has all taught us to be critical of ourselves and indeed this can be useful in certain situations.  However on a general day to day basis it can be quite destructive and lead to ongoing pain and suffering.  So, how can the title of this article help you on a day to day basis you may ask?

The answer is simple.  Our friends are our biggest fans, they are aware of our positives, what we have to offer, our strong points etc., they also know our weaknesses but when asked to describe us they will always talk about our positives first.  This is really what we need to start doing for ourselves.  We need to reconnect with the positives about us, what makes us different to others, what we contribute on a day to day basis and what we have to offer. 

This sounds very straightforward in theory however I do understand that the reality can be quite different.  Our natural default is to be critical of ourselves but can I ask does that help us? Is it constructive behaviour and does it lead to us feeling better about ourselves?

So as we enter a New Year I am not going to use this opportunity to tell you a million and one things you can do to “improve” yourself, instead I am going to invite you to reconnect with YOU.  Buy a little notebook, write down five things that you like about yourself.  Add to this list tomorrow and the next day and if you like write examples to expand on what you are saying.  It is a simple exercise but it is very powerful and by giving yourself the space to reconnect with YOU I believe you are giving yourself the best gift you possibly can this New Year.

Avril Quinn, Career Coach

Avril runs a Career Coaching business called CV Doctor, which helps people with CVs, prepare for interviews, presentations, college applications, job applications and any other Career related items.  To contact Avril you can call her on mobile 086 2176742 or by emailing yourcvdoctor@gmail.com 

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