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Mulvihill Jnr On Vacant Affordable Houses



Cobh Town councillor John Mulvihill jnr has stated that the report this week that one local authority has been unable to sell its stock of affordable homes highlights the need to completely re-evaluate how social and
affordable housing schemes operate is not  isolated to one council.

I am aware of Councils both in east cork and across the county are insimilar  situations. The notion that we have thousands of vacant residential affordable home properties around the country, while many people are desperately looking for somewhere to live in our own communities of East Cork , this is an appalling

Cllr Mulvihill went on to state that he believe that many of these houses could be transferred to a new rent-to-buy scheme. This would mean that people from Cobh, Midleton and Youghal and across the many villages in East Cork  who need a place to live, and are on the affordable housing waiting list, but are hesitant to buy in the current housing market could move in to one of these units, pay rent on it, and depending on circumstances a few years down the line, purchase it outright. I can see no reason why this
cannot happen immediately.

In conclusion the Cobh based Councillor stated For some reason, it is deemed preferable that houses are left vacant, depreciating in value and attracting all sorts of unwanted attention in many instances, when many people desperately need a home.

There is something seriously wrong with this, and the Labour Party Housing Spokesperson Ciaran Lynch will be pressing Housing Minister Michael Finneran on this matter in the Dail, at the earliest opportunity.

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