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Carmel O’ Regan Fitness

How many of you reading this have gym memberships you’ve hardly ever used or fitness equipment gathering dust in the spare room, well now’s the time to start again, with a simple work out to begin with, ease yourself in over 2 weeks alternating the following programs twice a week each.

It is important to remember never stretch cold muscles, always warm up 5-10min before beginning your program ( heart beat above 100beats per minute) and stretch muscles used afterwards.

Always insure to keep tummy muscles tight during all exercises take a deep breath pull in tummy leave out breath keep tummy tight, this will help strengthen core muscles(front & back) and improve posture.

Program one-

Do each for 30sec, move on & begin next exercise, repeat in sequence 3 times each.

To make workout a bit harder increase weights used or time per exercise from 30 to 45 sec each, really want to push yourself do one of the rounds at 60sec per exercise.

  1. Knee raisestand hands on hips, brining knees up in front of body-hip height only marching type motion, soft feet no slamming onto  floor. Increase intensity by bringing legs up/down at a faster pace
  2. Shoulder press-(deltoid shoulder muscle& triceps rear of upper arm)- stand legs hip width apart slight bend in knees, hold weight(can veg/bottle of water) in ea hand palm facing out elbows into side of ribs , raise arms almost straight above centre of head in line with ears, bring down to orig. Position repeat approx10per 30sec.
  3. Leg curl- stand as for knee raise, bring legs behind body aiming heels to kick buttocks, keep leg straight line from hip to knee, get a good rhythm to insure good cardio workout.
  4. Squat- (quads front upper leg ,gluts-bum ,gastronemius)- tighten abs, put a chair behind you stand legs hip width apart, push hips to rear bending knees, ensure knees don’t go past toes, keep upper body almost straight, push down to 90deg approx, squeeze buttocks tight on way up, repeat 10times approx during 30sec.To increase intensity hold a weight in each hand down at your side.
  5. Jog on the spot- elbows at 90deg jog at a steady pace landing ball to heal of foot soft landing push arms during jog to increase number of muscles working.
  6. 6.       Bicep curl (front of upper arm)-hold weights in each hand stand feet apart knees slightly bent. Tighten tummy, keeps arms tight to side of body raise hands towards shoulders palms facing outward, do not swing arms or move elbows from side, alternate arms or both can be done simultaneously.

Program two-

  1. 1.       Press up(pecs-chest front, deltoids-shoulders, triceps- rear upper arm) on the floor face down, hands just wider than shoulders, balance on toes &hands. Lower body to the floor bending the elbows push with chest muscles to straighten arms, keep back straight don’t arch or allow tummy to drop or bum to push up. To do easier version balance on knees placed under hips same movement as above
  2. Calf raise-(gastronemius lower rear leg)-stand feet together facing a wall place hands on the wall at almost arms length away. Raise up onto balls of feet squeezing calf muscle on the rise, then lower to floor again, repeat 10-12reps during 30sec. To make harder stand on edge of step heels hanging over push down heels then raise as before, this can be done 2 legs at a time or alternate each leg tucking other behind working leg.
  3. Sit up/plank – (abdominal muscles)- lie on floor on your back, knees bent feet 6-8inch from buttocks, tighten tummy pushing belly button into spine, fingers on temple do not pull the neck, raise shoulders and upper back off the floor concentrating on using tummy muscles to do the pulling, keep lower back flat to floor, lower to ground 10-12times during 30sec. Plank more difficult but worth trying- on floor facing down balance on elbows and toes keeping back straight hold tummy up tight do not hold breath, let body relax onto floor after 6sec, rest 3sec back up keep repeating till times up or as long as you can stay steady up to 30sec.
  4. Forward Lunge- (quads –upper front of leg, gluteals-buttocks, gastronemius-calf)-firm tummy, step forward with one leg, bend rear leg pushing knee to the floor 2-3inches from floor. Push with front leg, back to standing, alternate to other leg ensure front leg knee doesn’t go past your toes. 
  5. Back Extension- (Erector Spinae -lower back muscles)–lie flat on tummy, arms down by your side keep hips knees and toes pressed to floor, keep tummy tight do not press it to the floor. Roll shoulders from floor lift chest off floor slowly then lower to floor again. Keep face looking at matt at all times do not rise up more than 4-5inches. Repeat 10-12 times during 30sec.
  6. Prone Fly –kneel on floor on leg bent lay chest onto bent knee stretch arms down straight towards floor with weight in each hand back of hand facing forward, keeping elbows slightly bent raise arms out to either side to shoulder height squeezing shoulder blades together at top of movement  bring arms down to original position controlling weight on way down, repeat 10-12times during 30sec.

Simple warm up-march, jog march on the spot, walk forward 4steps back 4steps repeat 4 times. Knee raise 4, leg curl 4, repeat 4times. People with asthma or heart conditions should warm up slowly for up to 15min before beginning program. Alternatively use equipement you may have at home treadmill/ bike etc or go for a walk outdoors.

Always consult your Dr before beginning a new exercise regime and ensure you inform your fitness professional if you have any illness or previous injury as programs can be adapted.

Find me on Facebook “Carmel O’ Regan Fitness” become a fan and I’ll answer as many of your fitness questions as I can. Also pictures of above exercises will be found here, if not on facebook, google the exercise to get a picture of correct positions etc. Alternatively leave a comment on this page or contact my mobile.