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Prepare for that Summer Bod now



It’s not to late to get ready for your summer holidays whether at home or abroad and get into that bikini or those shorts and not worry about how we look.  There are solutions out there to get rid of that unwanted hair once and for all and also to tackle any bulges we fed over the winter months.

To help you choose what’s for you I’ll be talking about Laser Hair Removal and Vacuum Radio Frequency Body Shaping which removes those unwanted love handles, mummy tummy, batwing arms, cellulite and stretch marks in just 10 weeks..

So relax and carry on reading to see how your dream of a perfect summer hol with the perfect bod can come true.

Nearly all of us have flab that we just can’t shake off no matter how good our exercise regime.  Some people have post pregnancy mummy tummies, or have lost a lot of weight and suffer from loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite, or there are those of us who gravity has taken hold and decided that going South is the way to go.  Whatever area of your body needs work then Vacuum Radio Frequency & Infra Red Light is ideal for you.  Within 10 weeks you can get your bikini bod back.  The price per treatment is €100 or €750 for a course of 10.

Vacuum Radio Frequency (VRF) & Infra Red – the non-surgical method. Essentially this treatment dissolves body fat and tightens skin.  It removes flab, cellulite and stretch marks from love handles, tummy thighs, bottom and bingo arms, while the skin tightening does what it says – tightens loose skin on face jawline, neck, decolletage, arms, tummy, thighs and bottom.  All very safe, effective, non-surgical and non- invasive, giving us the better alternative to liposuction.  Each treatment of a course of 10 lasts up to an hour and is very comfortable feeling like a warm deep massage.  While the client relaxes, I do all the work, sweeping the handpiece over the treatment area allowing the Radio Frequency Waves to penetrate deep into the skin breaking down the fatty cells.

The ‘how it works’ is easy.  The vacuum positions the skin allowing the Radio Frequency Waves to travel deep under the skin, breaking down the fatty cells.  In combination with the Infra Red light the heat from the VRF shrinks these cells and causes the collagen layer deep in the dermis to contract, tightening the skin.  The body’s natural reaction to this is to increase the release of fibroblasts which accelerates collagen and elastic fibre production improving the skin’s elasticity.  The massage effect of the treatment encourages blood and lymphatic flow removing the waste cells and debris.

To-date people are delighted with the results and keen to continue treatments on other parts of their body.  If you wish to book a taster to see how the treatment works and experience a taste of it I would be very happy to oblige.  Just tel Karen in Epi-Rays Clinic at 021 4855 388 or email

It doesn’t matter who you are we all have hair that we want removed, whether it’s the bikini line, underarms, legs or backs for men, or unwanted facial hair, there’s a solution here.

IPL Laser Hair Removal:  is a perfect way to achieve permanent results for unwanted hair removal   At Epi-Rays Clinic we use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which safely and effectively removes unwanted hair from most parts of the body permanently.

How it works: The Intense Pulsed Light is attracted to the melanin (pigment) in the hair.  The light travels down the hair shaft to the follicle where the light turns into intense heat, destroying the follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue.  A course of 6 treatments is offered with 4 – 6 week intervals between treatments.  This allows time for the hair that has been treated by IPL to shed and for the dormant and transitional hair to grow through into the growth phase.  About 85% of the hair that you see is in the growth phase and this is the hair that is treated as it has the most melanin.  As you progress through the treatments less and less hair becomes evident and as this happens we extend the interval to allow more time for the dormant and transitional hairs to come through.

Results are amazing with hair regrowth reducing only after the first treatment.  People can notice significant results even only after a few treatments.

See photo of case study before and 6 weeks after 1 treatment.

At Epi-Rays Clinic we offer prospective clients a free consultation that lasts about an hour and includes free patch tests.  At the consultation you are asked to fill in a medical questionnaire to ensure that you’re suitable for the treatment.  You also receive pre and post treatment care instructions explaining the do’s and don’ts.   The purpose of the patch tests is to help me program the machine in order to tailor treatments to your specific needs, hair type and skin type.  The consultation gives you, the customer a chance to ask any questions and also allows you to make an informed decision.

IPL  Laser is the most popular means of hair removal, as it’s permanent and well worth the initial cost in comparison to ongoing costs every 4-6 weeks.  Epi-Rays Clinic is currently offering up to 25% Discount on all Laser Hair Removal treatments.  It’s worth visiting our website to read our testimonials to see what our customers have to say at We are also on facebook under Epi Rays – it’s worth checking out to see our before & after photos.

If you’re interested and wish to book your Free Consultation with Epi-Rays Clinic tel Karen at 021 4855 388 or email

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