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Homeopathy and Bronchitis with Mary Frahill ISHom,Lic Ac.



For the treatment of bronchitis conventional medicine can’t offer much to speed up the healing; more than 90% of cases are viral as opposed to bacterial which means antibiotics won’t help. The prescription of medicines to suppress the cough can actually encumber healing  as there is a need for the body to expel the infected mucus from the bronchial tubes. If a cough is productive, that is that the cough is bringing up phlegm, cough suppressants are not indicated. Expectorating mucus is important because it keeps the airways open and rids the body of waste products and harmful materials.  But if for most cases antibiotics and cough suppressants have little effect, then what is one to do? Fortunately the use of homeopathy in the treatment of viral infections can be effective with patients usually feeling better after taking a well prescribed remedy. Treating acute bronchitis  may be effectively  done by  a home prescriber but for persistent cases and coughs seeing a homeopathic professional is recommended.

Homeopathic Remedies Can Help Acute Bronchitis:

While many homeopathic remedies address inflammation of the bronchial tubes here are a few that can help bronchial type coughs. Take a few pillules in the 6c or 30c potency under the tongue every one to four hours, as needed depending on the severity of the problem. As you begin to feel better decrease the frequency of the dose, discontinue dosing altogether when you are feeling well.


Treats coughs that worsen when going from cold air to warm air of vice versa. Useful for hard, racking, burning coughs. The person feels tightness across the chest, as if there is a weight on the chest. The cough is dry at night but in the morning lots of sputum is coughed up. A tickling sensation in the throat triggers the cough. The cough is worse from talking, laughing or lying on the left side.


A person needing this remedy will have a loose cough in the morning and expectorate much mucus but in the evening and the night the cough becomes dry and the person must sit up in bed to get relief. The expectoration is bland, thick and greenish. The chest may feel sore. All symptoms are worse when lying down and when in a warm room, better when sitting up and in cold air.

Rumex Crispus:

This remedy is prepared from the yellow dock plant and has a strong affinity for the respiratory system. In a lot of cases the cough is caused by an incessant tickling in the throat. The cough is worse from exposure to cold air and is improved by covering up the body and head and by covering the mouth with the hand. The person may have diarrhoea typically early in the morning with the cough.


This remedy is known to finish treatment for stubborn coughs that have been helped by other remedies but not fully resolved. This remedy helps people who have difficulty breathing in a warm room and feel better with fresh air. They usually want the windows to be open. The cough wakes them up at night and their sides hurt from the coughing. They may have a loose rattling cough that produces greenish discharge. The cough may be worse in the morning and from talking. They may have accompanying skin complaints such as a rash.

Homeopathic treatment can resolve a cough, strengthen the immune system and help a person to overcome bronchitis quickly without unnecessary conventional drugs and their side effects. Over time with proper constitutional care resolve the tendency to acquire bronchitis or other severe coughs. Think of Homeopathy as your first line of defence!

Case of cough;

An 11 year old girl came to see me and she had a constant irritating cough burping and passing wind after coughing. A deep breath would trigger a cough, as did going from a cold to a warm room or visa versa. She also had a slight wheeze on exhalation. She needed to be comforted and held by her mother so I considered Pulsatilla but she was not tearful or afraid as one might expect in a person needing Pulsatilla. She normally liked fruit but now since being sick she did not want to eat it. When going outdoors she would put on layers and cover up her mouth. A person needing Pulsatilla would feel better in the fresh, cool air which she did not so I considered Phosphorus. Phosphorus has the keynote symptom that cough gets worse on going from cold air to warm air or visa versa, but phosphorus did not match the symptoms either.

Rumex is indicated for burping and flatus after coughing as well as aggravation from changes in air temperature. A person needing Rumex may also be averse to fruit. To confirm Rumex I asked the girl to take a deep breath and then a shallow breath followed by another deep breath and so on and she started coughing after breathing this way. Rumex is indicated for coughs that are worse from irregular breathing. I gave her Rumex 200c to be repeated every two hours as needed. Her mother called two days later and said she had slept for 12 hours without coughing and was 75% better and she continued to improve after that.

Home made cough treatments;

Lemon, honey and glycerine is soothing for tickling, teasing coughs. Squeeze half a lemon into half a cup of water; add a teaspoon of runny honey and two teaspoons of glycerine from a chemist. Give teaspoon doses as needed.(Do not add boiling water to honey; stir it in warm water till it thins out.)

If you grow thyme in your garden you can make use of it medicinally. Though Thymus Serpyllum is traditionally the type used for coughs , the other types have similar properties. Make a tea by pouring half a pint of boiling water over a teaspoon of leaves and flower tops and leaving to infuse for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain off the leaves and add a little honey to taste

For more information or an appointment contact: Mary A Frahill licensed and registered homeopath and acupuncturist on 0868500625.

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